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Five Great Local New Year’s Eve Events You Won’t Want to Miss

New Year's Eve Fireworks

It’s Time to Ring in 2013 Five Great Local Celebrations to Ring in the New Year It’s New Year’s Eve and you still have no plans? For shame, but fear not dear reader as we have a list of the top five New Year’s Eve events going on in our area, that will bring a [...]

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A Call for Stricter Gun Laws in the Aftermath of Sandy Hook

A Memorial for the Victims of the Sandy Hook School Shooting. Photo Courtesy of Evan Vucci/AP

How to Move Forward with Gun Laws Gun Control in America The time for taking action to stop gunplay is now. Where America allows citizens to obtain guns, it does little to keep tabs on the mental health of the individuals who own them, or the family that surrounds him/her. What can be done to [...]

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Five Creative (and Last Minute) Christmas Gifts: Thoughtful Presents Sure to Spread Holiday Cheer

Christmas Gifts

Better Get Shopping! Five Creative Christmas Gifts Christmas Gifts for Last Minute Shoppers Now that Christmas is upon us, the final shopping frenzy has begun. Malls and stores are crowded with people frantically trying to find the perfect gifts for the last few people on their lists. If you’re feeling a bit panicked and running [...]

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The Miracles of Therapy Dogs

A Therapy Dog in a Hospital. Photo Courtesy Bruce Ely/The Oregonian

Therapy Dogs: The Many Benefits of Man’s Best Friend The Overlooked Benefits of Therapy Dogs The ‘No Dogs Allowed’ sign might become a thing of the past as more and more therapy dogs continue to serve a higher purpose of helping people. Following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, therapy dogs were called into action as [...]

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Upcoming Holiday Events in the Capital Region and the Adirondacks

Blue Sunday. Photo Courtesy of Gig Masters

Upcoming Music, Theatre and Festivals in the Area Fun Events to Help Ring in the Holidays It’s very easy to get roped up in all the holiday hubbub, especially all the last minute shopping for Christmas presents as well as holiday decorating and deciding who’s going where for the holidays. Take some time to put [...]

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Re-inventing Electronica: Northampton’s Home Body

Home Body. Photo Courtesy of Home Body

Home Body is Seductively Fearless A New Spin on Electronica Nowadays, making stimulating music is too easy. All one needs is a computer program and the ability to count a measure of four beats. Electronica is often flashy but void of originality. Home Body, on the other hand, does not hide behind its electronic equipment. [...]

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Who Doesn’t Love Latkes? The Second Annual Latke Fest in Glens Falls

Latkes. Photo Courtesy of

Latkes Galore! The Second Annual Latke Fest in Glens Falls Celebrate Hanukkah With a Whole Lot of Latkes For almost a thousand years, the consumption of fried foods, especially latkes and donuts, has been a Hanukkah tradition. Deep fried in oil Latkes (aka potato pancakes) symbolize the day’s worth of oil that burned for eight days, giving [...]

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Witness to History: Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Movie Review

Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln (Steven Spielberg, 2012)

Lincoln: A Look at Our Sixteenth President and The Story Behind the Thirteenth Amendment Lincoln, Movie Review Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln makes the story of Abraham Lincoln’s last months in office and the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment more interesting and entertaining than any history book or lecture ever could. Filled with drama, humor, and history, [...]

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