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Alex Morse: Holyoke’s New Mayor (Northampton Blog)

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Alex Morse, New Mayor of Holyoke

New Mayor of Holyoke, MA Plans to Save the City

Alex Morse. Photo Courtesy of Queer LandiaThere was once a time when America thrived economically. The American dream was still legitimate, and most citizens were so attached to the idea of loving this country that they hung the flag from their yards and flew it high: how sweet. Everything was simpler, people say.

Families worked and shared common trades whereas nowadays my generation seems to be struggling to find its identity in the workplace. It is a hard time, one that has given America perhaps the reality check that it needs. Industrial cities such as Detroit and Holyoke (where I live now), once prosperous are trying to find ways to rejuvenate their economy. We need a change to be made so that we can have jobs that pay, and Alex Morse, the new mayor of Holyoke plans to pave the way for that direction.

It is comforting to see that Holyoke would elect a twenty-two year old homosexual. I truly hope that the widening of our minds and further disbanding of bigoted politics evolves into a more concrete development of a fair society. I know that I am walking on eggshells when I ask if our electing of leaders of new races and sexual orientations will create a new America, or simply give it a new face? I ask this as someone who voted for both President Obama and Morse, someone who experienced the deification of Obama and the ensuing drowsing of his once jubilant support, someone who is as upset as I’m sure Obama is to feel at odds against the weight of a struggling economy.

The election of Obama was monumental. It established a precedent, pulled the dreadfully biased curtains of America’s political office apart and made for further heaving back of this country’s bigoted history. So much of the conservative parties evil and greed were revealed during George W. Bush’s eight year run that it provided the leverage for a more honest and egalitarian leadership to rise to the occasion.

What Morse faces is what Obama faces on a microcosmic level. In some ways it might be harder for him to manage as his focus will be on one small city with a prosperous history. Holyoke suffers from poverty, drug-addiction, crime, and other plagues which are the symptoms of lack of opportunity. Holyoke was at one point the leading paper producer. Alex Morse wants to bring Holyoke back to its feet, and it is a showing of will power that he was able to be elected Mayor at such a young age.

Sometimes what is most important with assuming political leadership is the face behind it. Those who voted for Alex Morse are just as passionate about supporting him as he is about being their leader. It is the kind of rejuvenation, driven by a new and impassioned politician that sparks interest in the citizens he represents, which sets off a chain reaction towards working for a positive future. I am sure that a young face is a good thing for Holyoke, and plus he speaks Spanish which is important as Holyoke is largely latino populated.

One of the key issues the new Mayor of Holyoke faces regards the possibility of building a casino. He does not approve of the idea, and I side with him on this as I believe that inserting that much business into such a small area would increase the crime rate by giving organized crime a chance to take roots. I hope that the young and bright spirit of Alex Morse is able to get half as much done as any politician plans to, as we shoot high so as to ensure maximum results, but must not be too starry-eye regarding our goals or else lose focus.

Ezra Prior is a Contributor to The Free George. Photo Courtesy of Queer Landia

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