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A Preview of the 2014 Food to Farm Festival in Glens Falls

2014 Food to Farm Festival
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Organic Alternatives and Good Food in Glens Falls on May 24 Food to Farm Festival Comes to Crandall Park On May 8, 2014, Vermonts Governor Peter Shumlin signed an important bill that would require all food manufacturers to label their products that contain genetically modified organisms (or GMOs). The actual bill will not become effective [...]

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Prairie Restoration: No Patch of Ground too Small

A Restored Prairie. Photo Courtesy of Western Michigan University
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How Our Ecosystem Depends on the Prairies A Look at the Small-Scale Prairie Movement More each year, we are reminded of the critical importance of species diversity. Nature never puts just one species in a spot, even a square inch of soil, and this is a valuable lesson for farmers, conservationists and homeowners alike. A [...]

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California’s Battle: Do Consumers Really Need to Know What They Are Eating?

Proposition 37 and Genetically Modified Food Products. Photo Courtesy of
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How Proposition 37 in California Could Affect All of Us So, What Are We Eating…Exactly? This November, Proposition 37 will allow California voters to decide if they would like to see genetically modified food products labeled as such. If it passes, California would become the first state in the nation to require the new labels, [...]

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The Hard Frost is the Grinch for Apple Picking Season

Apples at Knight Orchard, Photo Courtesy of Knight Orchard
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Crop Scarcity Hampers Apple Picking this Year Apple Picking in Upstate New York Many apple orchards in Albany, Rensselaer and Saratoga counties will not have U-Pick your own this season because of the scarcity in crop. The start of school year brings to mind the apple sitting at the corner on the teacher’s desk. The [...]

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Farmers, Once the Ogallala’s “Biggest Threat” Now Poised as its Savior

The Ogallala Aquifer and the planned route of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Photo Courtesy of Environmental Defense Fund
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Environmental Risks of the Keystone XL Pipeline How the Keystone XL Pipeline will Affect the Ogallala Aquifer As American farmers chart a course into a hotter, drier future, there’s no avoiding the fact that they will begin to depend less on rainwater and more on aquifers for irrigation.  It is a future that in many [...]

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The Sterile Life: What We’ve Lost and Gained

The Sterile Life: What We’ve Lost and Gained. Photo Courtesy of
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Getting in Touch With our Immune Systems The Sterile Life: What We’ve Lost and Gained Before refrigeration, sewer systems, hand sanitizer, indoor living, water treatment and germophobia – that is, most of human history – allergies and autoimmune disorders were pretty rare. People came into contact with intestinal worms and a huge range of viruses [...]

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Meat Minus the Drug Cocktail: Chipotle’s Push for Better Pork

Pork. Photo Courtesy of Care2 Healthy Living
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An Argument for Antibiotic Resistance Chipotle’s Locally Grown Initiative The story about the food industry can start to sound the same after a while: under pressure from consumers, a chain with disproportionate market share and purchasing power makes a change that sends quick ripples through the industry. This can be both encouraging and scary. Encouraging that [...]

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The Unstoppable Worm: Genetically Engineered Corn and its Conqueror

Mature Corn Rootworm Beetles, Photo Courtesy University of Nebraska
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The Unstoppable Worm The Western Corn Rootworm and its Damaging Aftermath In 2003, seed giant Monsanto introduced what was thought to be among its most revolutionary products since Roundup – corn with insecticide (Bacillus thuringiensis, commonly known as Bt) genetically engineered into it. Suddenly, farmers could plant continuous corn crops without worrying about the invasion [...]

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Bagging the Greens: Do You Know What’s in that Bag of Salad?

Bagged Spinach. Photo Courtesy of Cooking Light.
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Bagging the Greens: Do You Know What’s in that Bag of Salad? Salad Bags and its Harmful Contaminants Bagged salad sometimes seems like more of a threat than raw meat these days, with one produce outbreak after another grabbing the headlines. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that the overall incidence [...]

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Ethanol On Its Own: the Expiration of the Ethanol Subsidy

The Ethanol Subsidy. Photo Courtesy of
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Ethanol On Its Own A Look at the Expiration of the Ethanol Subsidy At the end of 2011, Congress let the ethanol subsidy, worth a yearly $6 billion, expire. It was really a combination of tax breaks for processors and tariffs on foreign ethanol, but what mattered to most people was the fact that the [...]

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