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The Unstoppable Worm: Genetically Engineered Corn and its Conqueror

Mature Corn Rootworm Beetles, Photo Courtesy University of Nebraska
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The Unstoppable Worm The Western Corn Rootworm and its Damaging Aftermath In 2003, seed giant Monsanto introduced what was thought to be among its most revolutionary products since Roundup – corn with insecticide (Bacillus thuringiensis, commonly known as Bt) genetically engineered into it. Suddenly, farmers could plant continuous corn crops without worrying about the invasion [...]

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Bagging the Greens: Do You Know What’s in that Bag of Salad?

Bagged Spinach. Photo Courtesy of Cooking Light.
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Bagging the Greens: Do You Know What’s in that Bag of Salad? Salad Bags and its Harmful Contaminants Bagged salad sometimes seems like more of a threat than raw meat these days, with one produce outbreak after another grabbing the headlines. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that the overall incidence [...]

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Ethanol On Its Own: the Expiration of the Ethanol Subsidy

The Ethanol Subsidy. Photo Courtesy of
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Ethanol On Its Own A Look at the Expiration of the Ethanol Subsidy At the end of 2011, Congress let the ethanol subsidy, worth a yearly $6 billion, expire. It was really a combination of tax breaks for processors and tariffs on foreign ethanol, but what mattered to most people was the fact that the [...]

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Palm Oil: The Global Ingredient

Palm Oil Plantation
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Palm Oil: The Global Ingredient A Look at the Environmentally Destructive Crop: Palm Oil The market for palm oil – now one-third of the world’s vegetable oil trade – swelled 2,100 percent between 1980 and 2007. An area the size of Singapore (about 350,000 acres), is cleared every year for palm plantations, mostly in Malaysia [...]

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Downstream from the Northeast: The Chesapeake’s Comeback

The Chesapeake Bay in Maryland
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Downstream from the Northeast: The Chesapeake’s Comeback Improvements to the Bay’s Watershed It’s not every day that a wide swath of people sharing little else but a common resource join forces to reverse the resource’s degradation with admirable success. Emerging evidence shows that that may be the case for the Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest [...]

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Harvest Your Heart Out at the Saratoga County Farm Tour

The Corn Maze at Schuyler Farms
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Saratoga County Farm Tour 2011 Pumpkins, Fresh Goods, Corn Mazes and even some Llamas at this year’s Saratoga County Farm Tour Been meaning to check out some of the area’s local farms? This weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to do so (at harvest season no less) during the Saratoga County Farm Tour, which constitutes a [...]

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Roundup Surrounds Us–What’s Next?

roundup weed killer
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Roundup: Latest Studies & Effects The Popular Weed Killer and Herbicide, Roundup With almost any chemical in widespread use, we don’t have the full picture of what we’re dealing with, even as our habitat practically swirls with a chemical stew. Most understanding of long-term health effects is not fully conclusive, because trials are usually done [...]

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When Even the Weeds Won’t Grow: Severe Drought Across Farm Country

Drought in Texas
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Severe Drought Across Farm Country In a striking about-face from spring’s weather, farmers across the South and Midwest now contend with, in many cases, record-breaking hot and dry weather. An exceptionally damp, cool spring brought persistent rains that stalled planting across the Corn Belt, especially in Indiana and Ohio. Now that crops are behind schedule, [...]

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The Animal Lover’s Day Trip: Visit a NY State Farm Animal Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary, Finger Lakes
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Visit a Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York State If a vacation or day trip with a purpose is on your to-do list this summer, then why not visit one of the three farm animal sanctuaries New York state has to offer. Not only will you get the chance to take in the great serene [...]

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Glens Falls Makes Headway with Its New Food Co-op

Glens Falls Food Co-op
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New Food Co-op Sees Its Beginnings in Glens Falls “Eating is an Agricultural Act.” – Wendell Berry For the past few years, many people in Glens Falls have been looking at ways to improve distribution of locally-grown foods and sundries. Many farmers have set up Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSAs), where the consumer invests prior to [...]

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