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A Look at the Life & Work of David Smith: Artist, Sculptor & Bolton Landing Resident

David Smith, 1962. Photo Courtesy Estate of David Smith
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David Smith: Artist, Sculptor & Bolton Landing Resident When you think of famous artists and their workplaces you may think of large paint-stained flats in Paris or windowed warehouse floors in New York City. What about a woodsy farm in upstate New York? Well that’s exactly where American sculptor and painter David Smith spent much [...]

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The Art of the Remix: Record Albums as Book Covers & Other Cool Artistic Literary Ventures

Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks by Christophe Gowans
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Record Albums as Book Covers & Other Artistic Literary Ventures People like remixes. There is a very particular exhilaration that comes over you when that-song-that-you-don’t-really-like-but-the-stations-all-play-so-now-you’re-just-used-to-the-damn-thing starts to slow down and an echo-y voice shouts out, “Reeeeeeeemix!” It’s fun to have something you’ve grown used to altered a bit, taken ever so slightly out of its [...]

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Comics & the Kitschy Side of Art

Calvin and Hobbes Envelopes
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Comics in Art Comics are fantastic. Now, that is just a matter of opinion, and I fully understand that. As a person who’s gotten a lot of enjoyment out of comics over the years, I’m a little biased. So, let’s tone it down a bit. At some stage in his or her life, many a [...]

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Book Art(efacts): Artistic Expression from Old Books

Tom Allen
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Making Books into Art In a time when electronic readers appear to be becoming the in thing, there’s a lot to be said for the physicality of books. Many will argue that the feel and smell of a book, not to mention the experiences one has and associates with it, are integral to the reading [...]

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New Art Out of Old Stuff: A Look at Upcycling

We Need a Revolution by Dan Tague
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Upcycling: Turning Waste into Art Anyone who knows an artist or has encountered their designated meme (check out, for example ) knows that, the cost of soul-bearing and crafting aside, art is expensive. Brushes, turpentine, sketchbooks, ink—it all adds up. And, like anything else, a lot is wasted. There are artists, though, who are [...]

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Serena Kovalosky, Gourd Artist: Reflections on Art and the World Around Her

Serena Kovalosky, Gourd Artist
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As we ascend the stairs to her second story studio, Serena Kovalosky points out the artwork on the wall. The works of her friends—photographs, painting, pen and ink drawings—provide inspiration as she walks up to her workspace. I’ve been invited to her small studio in Whitehall to discuss Serena’s upcoming exhibit, Agriculture to Art, at [...]

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Remembering The Art of the Motorcycle

The Art of the Motorcycle Exhibit Postcard
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Back in 1998, the Guggenheim Museum in New York City displayed an exhibit that consisted of 114 motorcycles, each of which were chosen for their historical or aesthetic importance. [amazonify]0892072075::text::::The Art of the Motorcycle[/amazonify]ran for three months during the summer of ’98, with a display designed by Frank Gehry, to an audience that consisted of 301,307 [...]

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Georgia O’Keeffe and Her Lake George Years

Georgia O'Keefe
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When I chose the setting for [amazonify]1892343169::text::::An Affinity For Murder[/amazonify], the first book in my Lake George Mystery Series, I knew I’d have an abundance of background material to draw on. The upstate New York lake and its environs, once seen along with Lake Champlain as the crossroads of the continent, boast a rich and [...]

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