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From The Complete Meal: Devil Dog, The Hound of Hell (Revisited)

Kim Richards, Yvette Mimieux and Ike Eisenman in Devil Dog, The Hound of Hell. Photo Courtesy of CBSy
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Devil Dog, The Hound of Hell (Revisited) Recounting the Horror of a Horror Classic By Jon Sanborne All right, let me start this off by telling you that the first time I ever saw this flick was on Channel 7’s “Late Night Movie” when I was a budding adolescent. I remember my parents were asleep, [...]

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Ten Great TV Shows…Just in Time for Spring

Jonathan Frid in Dark Shadows
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Ten Great TV Shows…Just in Time for Spring The Old, The New and the Just Plain Weird With winter coming to an end and spring almost upon us, it might be prudent to invest quality time with your Netflix account (or whatever service you might use) and discover new television shows to get us through [...]

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A Quest to End Black History Month: A Preview of More Than a Month on PBS

Director Shukree Tilghman in Philadelphia. Photo Courtesy of Thiago Da Costa
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A Preview of More Than a Month on PBS A New Documentary Explores the Impact of Black History Month With its origins dating back to 1926, Black History Month has served as a national observance of the history of African American culture. Originally referred to as “Negro History Week” by historian Carter G. Woodson, there [...]

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Television Gets Scary: Reviews of “American Horror Story” and “Supernatural”

Dylan McDermott in "American Horror Story"
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“American Horror Story” vs. “Supernatural”: Who’s Scarier? Best Scary TV Shows: “American Horror Story” vs. “Supernatural” I’ve never been a huge fan of horror movies. I was one of those kids who was scared by the “Thriller” music video instead of amused by its campiness, and while other kids in middle school were excitedly talking [...]

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The Medical Drama Returns: A Review of “Off the Map”

The Cast of Off the Map
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“Off the Map”: Television Review As with most of the TV shows I end up being an ardent fan of, I was lukewarm about ABC’s midseason, jungle medical drama, “Off the Map,” when I saw it advertised. The show boasts plenty of eye candy with Martin Henderson as Dr. Benjamin “Ben” Keeton, giving McDreamy a [...]

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The Cast of “Jersey Shore”: Literary Aspirations

Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation and the gang from The Jersey Shore
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“Jersey Shore” Cast’s Literary Aspirations: A Shore Thing, Rules According to JWOWW, Here’s the Situation MTV’s now infamous “Jersey Shore” franchise gets something of a bad rap. I have never been its biggest fan, as all it has done in my life is to give the world at large a new set of jokes and stereotypes [...]

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Is This the End of “Two and a Half Men”?

Charlie Sheen
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The future of television’s current number one hit show right now, “Two and a Half Men,” is in limbo. The show, for those readers who haven’t caught a glimpse, is based, not so loosely, around the life of the show’s star, Charlie Sheen. Sheen plays Charlie Harper, a wealthy jingle writer who lives in his [...]

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Oscars 2011: Where Did those Good Times Go?

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The 2011 Oscars have come and gone. Awards were given out, speeches were had and deserving films were seemingly snubbed while others surprised us with the awards that they were given. This year marked the first time I watched the Oscars in full, and the question is: did it give me a reason to watch [...]

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This Is the Song that Doesn’t End: A Preview of HBO’s Upcoming Series “Game of Thrones”

HBO Game of Thrones
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First and foremost (and not to knock or belittle the fantasy-reading community), I am not an avid reader of the fantasy genre. There’s a commonality among the folks who tirelessly attend conventions and renaissance festivals, an energy and enthusiasm that I simply do not possess – not just with regard to costumes and role play, [...]

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Midgets, Giants, and Douglas-firs: Revisiting “Twin Peaks” Two Decades Later

Twin Peaks, Kyle MacLachlan & Michael Ontkean
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Twenty years ago, a show on ABC called “Twin Peaks” redefined the possibilities of serial drama with its aching, painstaking and, unfortunately, prematurely answered question, “Who killed Laura Palmer?” It also helped launch the careers of several young actors, including Lara Flynn Boyle, David Duchovny, Billy Zane, and Heather Graham. One of the strangest productions [...]

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