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Time to Eat Healthy: The NY Capital Region Vegetarian Expo Returns

The NY Capital Region Vegetarian Expo. Photo Courtesy of
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Time to Go Green With Great Food The Vegetarian Expo Returns to Albany The fourth annual NY Capital Region Vegetarian Expo will convey the global health benefits of green sustainable living, environmental awareness, and compassion for animals and all beings on Saturday, November 17th from 10am to 5pm. The event will be held at the [...]

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Meat Minus the Drug Cocktail: Chipotle’s Push for Better Pork

Pork. Photo Courtesy of Care2 Healthy Living
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An Argument for Antibiotic Resistance Chipotle’s Locally Grown Initiative The story about the food industry can start to sound the same after a while: under pressure from consumers, a chain with disproportionate market share and purchasing power makes a change that sends quick ripples through the industry. This can be both encouraging and scary. Encouraging that [...]

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Veg Out: How Local Colleges Stack Up in the Vegan Food Department

Vegan Black Bean Burgers. Photo Courtesy Four Green Steps
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How Capital Region Colleges Stack Up in the Vegan Food Department Vegetarian and Vegan Options for College Students Most of us have had our turn as college students, eating fast food and late night pizza delivery to survive cram sessions by night, and dashing through dining rooms grabbing whatever could tide us over while rushing [...]

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Downstream from the Northeast: The Chesapeake’s Comeback

The Chesapeake Bay in Maryland
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Downstream from the Northeast: The Chesapeake’s Comeback Improvements to the Bay’s Watershed It’s not every day that a wide swath of people sharing little else but a common resource join forces to reverse the resource’s degradation with admirable success. Emerging evidence shows that that may be the case for the Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest [...]

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Rain Gardens – Managing your Water Resources Naturally

A Rain Garden
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Rain Gardens – Managing your Water Resources Naturally Making a Rain Garden A developed urban environment – even a rural or suburban residential environment – is comprised of many impervious surfaces that rain hits and quickly runs off, such as driveways, roofs and sidewalks. Instead of percolating gradually into soil and recharging groundwater, the rainfall [...]

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Rooted in Nature: An Independent, Natural Food Store in South Glens Falls

Rooted in Nature. Photo by Ben Lapham
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Rooted in Nature: An Independent, Natural Food Store in South Glens Falls New South Glens Falls Eatery Brings Fresh Food from Local Farms Rooted in Nature on Route 9 in South Glens Falls opened last Saturday, October 1, 2011. The store is owned and operated by Glens Falls residents Colleen Sommer and Cheri Lawson. Colleen [...]

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Glens Falls Makes Headway with Its New Food Co-op

Glens Falls Food Co-op
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New Food Co-op Sees Its Beginnings in Glens Falls “Eating is an Agricultural Act.” – Wendell Berry For the past few years, many people in Glens Falls have been looking at ways to improve distribution of locally-grown foods and sundries. Many farmers have set up Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSAs), where the consumer invests prior to [...]

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An Eco-friendly, Affordable Adirondack Getaway: Gauthier’s Saranac Lake Inn, Review

Saranac Lake Inn
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Saranac Lake Inn: Eco-Friendly, Affordable, Relaxing As you drive down Route 86 (aka Lake Flower Avenue), just on the outskirts of downtown Saranac Lake, you’ll see a sign that reads Gauthier’s Saranac Lake Inn. It’s a quiet little place, right on Lake Flower, just about a mile from the center of town. The Inn is [...]

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A Gardener’s Gold: A Guide to Composting

A Compost Pile
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A Guide to Composting Composting may look like science, but it’s really more of an art. There are ways to optimize the decomposition going on in your backyard pile, but no one right way of doing it. There is no master recipe of what to add, only guidelines. Any time you throw organic matter in [...]

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Part 2: A History of the Gas Crisis, or How We Ended Up Where We Are Now

The Gas Crisis of 1973
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A History of the Gas Crisis: Part 2 (1963-Present) (You are currently reading Part 2 of A History of the Gas Crisis. To read Part 1 of this article, click here.) Further Problems in the Sinai By 1963, Arab states had formed the Arab League and founded the Palestine Liberation Organization that broke up into [...]

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