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A History of the Gas Crisis, or How We Ended Up Where We Are Now (Part 1)

High Gas Prices
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A History of the Gas Crisis: Part 1 (1948-1957) Initial Conflicts with Israel The history of the gas crisis takes us back to just after World War II, when Israel was established on slightly more than half of the land that had been previously known as Palestine and owned by the British. Despite Israeli efforts [...]

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Fossil Fuels, Sipping Petroleum and the Modern Food System

Farm Energy: Wind Power
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Food Energy and the Modern Food System There is much to be said for the relative efficiency and ease with which the US food system produces large quantities of food for large quantities of people. As agriculture and food distribution grow more consolidated, less labor and human capital are needed. But at what cost? When [...]

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Going Green: Simple Steps to a Healthier, Greener Lifestyle

Being Green
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Simple Steps to Getting Greener What we consider to be normal everyday routines could inadvertently be causing damage to our environment. Many of us assume that going green will be costly as far as time and money. But everybody can contribute to a better lifestyle with just a few simple steps. One idea to reflect [...]

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The Fight for Clean Water: Agribiz vs. Environmentalists

Runoff of Soil and Fertilizer
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Agribiz vs. Environmentalists & the Fight for Clean Water It costs money to implement conservation and water quality measures for agricultural land, something state governments don’t seem to have these days. Iowa is no exception. With the latest political fighting in Iowa’s state legislature and deepening budget cuts, Iowans increasingly have the sense that they [...]

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This is Public Health: Chicken, Arsenic and Related Issues

A Chicken Plant
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“This is Public Health” I stole the title from a bumper sticker. It means, I think, that public health is what we see when we take a cursory look around (or, more accurately, what we don’t see). That is, if public health is working, we don’t see mass deaths and illnesses from poor sanitation, toxic [...]

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Wal-Mart, Agriculture and the Green Initiative

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Do we tend to hate Wal-Mart because it’s big? Well, the big box chain’s track record is far from spotless, but the recent story of Wal-Mart’s healthy makeover for its house brand, Great Value, and its campaign for more affordable produce raises questions about the response to its green initiatives in general. It turns out [...]

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