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Co-ops: A Great Way to Spice Up Your Grocery Shopping Routine

The Honest Weight Food Co-Op in Albany. Photo Courtesy of Groupon
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What Several Area Food Co-ops Have to Offer Local Alternatives to Chain Supermarkets My dad is the only person I know that loves to grocery shop. No matter where he’s going, he takes his coupons and list, ready at all times for an impromptu stop at the store. Price Chopper, Hannaford, Shop Rite, Trader Joe’s—he [...]

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How to Deal With Gluten Intolerance

Members of the bread family, which contain gluten. Photo Courtesy Dr. Mark Hyman
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Gluten Sensitivity and Related Health Issues That Crazy Little Thing Called Gluten Among food-related buzz words like low-fat and vegetarian, a new phrase everywhere: gluten-free. Forget peanut allergies which cause an obvious and immediate reaction. The gluten intolerance is a hidden evil that its sufferers are only slowly starting to discover. While people occasionally undergo [...]

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HINGE: A Doorway To Quality Beer and Entertainment (Northampton Blog)

Hinge in Northampton, MA. Photo Courtesy of Hinge
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Hinge: A Hip Hangout in Northampton Four Floors of Quality Beer and Entertainment Hinge is a fascinating restaurant/bar in Northampton which sports a cozy interior and a friendly staff that makes one feel he/she is at his own home by greeting you as you walk in. The complex arrangement of the restaurant gives the visitor [...]

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Cafés Through a Barista’s Eyes: Who Has the Best Coffee in Albany?

The Daily Grind
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Searching for the Best Cup of Coffee in Albany Cafés Through a Barista’s Eyes Being a Barista is one of the best and worst food service jobs you can get. Once you’re trained, there’s almost no end to the number of tantalizing beverage concoctions you can whip up. Not to mention how good it feels to [...]

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Meat Minus the Drug Cocktail: Chipotle’s Push for Better Pork

Pork. Photo Courtesy of Care2 Healthy Living
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An Argument for Antibiotic Resistance Chipotle’s Locally Grown Initiative The story about the food industry can start to sound the same after a while: under pressure from consumers, a chain with disproportionate market share and purchasing power makes a change that sends quick ripples through the industry. This can be both encouraging and scary. Encouraging that [...]

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Time to Get Irish: Power’s Irish Pub in Clifton Park, Review

Power's Irish Pub. Photo by Kate Smith
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Power’s Irish Pub Gets Ready for St. Patrick’s Day Clifton Park Pub Wears Green Year Round It’s definitely the trend to push through the holidays as fast as possible. Before Halloween we saw our stores full of Santas and holiday lights, and now that Valentine’s Day has passed and heart-shaped boxes of candy are nearing [...]

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Samantha’s Café Hosts “Soup’r Delicious” Recipe Contest to Benefit Local Charities

Samantha’s Café in Glens Falls. Photo by Dave Bower
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Samantha’s Café “Soup’r Delicious” Recipe Contest Get Cookin’ to Benefit Local Charities Do you have a special original recipe? Do you secretly wish you could get it published in a cookbook or have it featured in a local restaurant? Well here is your chance to be a published recipe author and have your recipe featured [...]

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Get Cooking with Jessica Nicosia: Chocolatey Winter Comfort Food

Chocolatey Winter Comfort Food
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Chocolatey Winter Comfort Food (Video Recipe) Easy Chocolate Treats That Will Warm You Up Winter. Xmas. Valentine’s Day. You find a recurring theme here and it’s called chocolate. As addictive as any drug, chocolate is a most pleasurable confection. And with winter in full swing, what’s better than a cup of hot cocoa, Reese’s peanut [...]

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Romancing the Grape: The Capital Region Wine Festival at Proctors

The Capital Region Wine Festival at Proctors. Photo Courtesy of Proctors
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Romancing the Grape: The Capital Region Wine Festival at Proctors Wine Tastings Galore, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day The time of year is approaching when we celebrate love any way we can: with candles, romantic dinners, boxes of candy, teddy bears, and for some of us—wine! This Valentine’s weekend, you can embrace your love [...]

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Bagging the Greens: Do You Know What’s in that Bag of Salad?

Bagged Spinach. Photo Courtesy of Cooking Light.
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Bagging the Greens: Do You Know What’s in that Bag of Salad? Salad Bags and its Harmful Contaminants Bagged salad sometimes seems like more of a threat than raw meat these days, with one produce outbreak after another grabbing the headlines. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that the overall incidence [...]

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