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How to Deal With Gluten Intolerance

Members of the bread family, which contain gluten. Photo Courtesy Dr. Mark Hyman
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Gluten Sensitivity and Related Health Issues That Crazy Little Thing Called Gluten Among food-related buzz words like low-fat and vegetarian, a new phrase everywhere: gluten-free. Forget peanut allergies which cause an obvious and immediate reaction. The gluten intolerance is a hidden evil that its sufferers are only slowly starting to discover. While people occasionally undergo [...]

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Bagging the Greens: Do You Know What’s in that Bag of Salad?

Bagged Spinach. Photo Courtesy of Cooking Light.
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Bagging the Greens: Do You Know What’s in that Bag of Salad? Salad Bags and its Harmful Contaminants Bagged salad sometimes seems like more of a threat than raw meat these days, with one produce outbreak after another grabbing the headlines. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that the overall incidence [...]

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Veg Out: How Local Colleges Stack Up in the Vegan Food Department

Vegan Black Bean Burgers. Photo Courtesy Four Green Steps
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How Capital Region Colleges Stack Up in the Vegan Food Department Vegetarian and Vegan Options for College Students Most of us have had our turn as college students, eating fast food and late night pizza delivery to survive cram sessions by night, and dashing through dining rooms grabbing whatever could tide us over while rushing [...]

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Rooted in Nature: An Independent, Natural Food Store in South Glens Falls

Rooted in Nature. Photo by Ben Lapham
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Rooted in Nature: An Independent, Natural Food Store in South Glens Falls New South Glens Falls Eatery Brings Fresh Food from Local Farms Rooted in Nature on Route 9 in South Glens Falls opened last Saturday, October 1, 2011. The store is owned and operated by Glens Falls residents Colleen Sommer and Cheri Lawson. Colleen [...]

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Kale vs. Cancer? How Cruciferous Vegetables can Save Your Life

Curly Kale. Photo by Rasbak
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Kale vs. Cancer? Cruciferous Vegetables and their Healing Properties I love kale and for good reason! Besides having plenty of fiber, folic acid, vitamins and minerals it has also been shown to reduce your risk of cancer. Yes, cancer! Well the same is true for all cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, collard greens [...]

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Are You Drinking Enough Water?
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Are You Drinking Enough Water? Tips to Keep the Fluids Flowing Even though we have heard about the importance of drinking water, most Americans are dehydrated. Think about this: your body is composed of 75% water, your brain is composed of 85% water and your blood is 95% water. With that in mind you can [...]

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Vitamin D: One More Excuse to be Outside!

vitamin d
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Vitamin D Foods There has been so much talk about vitamin D! Most doctors test for it and report that 90% of their patients are deficient. But why is it so important? Well, vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, depression and obesity to name a few. It’s also crucial for calcium absorption, without it [...]

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10 Healthy Summertime Snacks

Carrots & Hummus
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Healthy Snacks Summer is in full swing and with it many temptations! The cookouts, the parties, the ice cream carts, all just calling your name. So which snacks do we choose? Snacks should fill the hunger spot without over indulging or adding up to a lot of calories. Here’s a few ideas to keep you [...]

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Quinoa and More

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Quinoa: The Super Grain Quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse with ancient origins. Though it’s been around in South America for thousands of years it’s only recently that we’ve rediscovered it in the US. And if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re definitely missing out! Not only is quinoa the most nutritious of all the grains, [...]

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The Dandelion: Ruthless Invader or Superfood?

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The Dandelion: Ruthless Invader or Superfood? For most home gardeners, the dandelion is one of the most frustrating perennial weeds out there. If not the most frustrating, certainly the most ubiquitous. And there’s really no fighting it. The slightest breath of wind can send hundreds of tiny seeds floating several miles from a single flower [...]

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