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Amanouz Cafe: Great Moroccan Food in the Heart of Northampton

Amanouz Cafe in Northampton, MA. Photo Courtesy of Amanouz Cafe
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Where Flavor Meets Modesty: Amanouz Cafe, Review North African Cuisine in Northampton If you’re in Northampton and looking for a healthy meal that also waters your taste buds into full bloom, then there’s no better spot to visit than Amanouz Cafe. Despite being located along bustling Main Street, the Moroccan and Mediterranean eatery manages to [...]

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Re-inventing Electronica: Northampton’s Home Body

Home Body. Photo Courtesy of Home Body
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Home Body is Seductively Fearless A New Spin on Electronica Nowadays, making stimulating music is too easy. All one needs is a computer program and the ability to count a measure of four beats. Electronica is often flashy but void of originality. Home Body, on the other hand, does not hide behind its electronic equipment. [...]

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Beatrootband: Carrying on a Tradition of Folk Music (Northampton Blog)

Wesley James Curtis and Jake Martini of Beatrootband. Photo Courtesy of Beatrootband
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The Spirit of Folk Music is Alive and Well Revitalizing Folk Music History: Beatrootband Turn down the volume on the news. It is telling you that our country is at war and that the economy is down. Turn off the television completely, noticing that the flickers of light it emits are so unnatural. Open your window [...]

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Versus at Sierra Grille: A Tribute to Northampton’s Jamie Lavo

Jamie Lavo
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Musician Jamie Lavo Remembered at Versus in Northampton Sierra Grille’s Monthly Music Competition Every last Thursday of the month Sierra Grille holds Versus, a good-natured competition in which bands are formed from a scattered assortment of musicians. The musicians are chosen ahead of time, composing a collection of young local artists. The musicians are then [...]

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Man’s Best Friends: Shiprock and Anchordog (Northampton Blog)

Evan Curran, who created the “Shiprock and Anchordog” song cycle on which the musical is based, plays one of the songs for Lucia Cartmell-Toffoli, left, and Chloe Bucs. Photo Courtesy Kevin Gutting
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Northampton’s Evan Curran Creates Unique Rock Opera for Kids Shiprock and Anchordog: A Fun Musical Fantasy Dogs have long been man’s best friend. Evan Curran knows this well. His parents always had them, and he valued their simpleminded love of life. The K-9 and the 25 year old singer/songwriter seemed to be kindred spirits, both being [...]

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Hello Frank Black, Goodbye Pleasant Street Theater (Northampton Blog)

The Pleasant Street Theater. Photo Matthew B. Harrison
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Frank Black Closes Out the Pleasant Street Theater Northampton’s Pleasant Street Theater Has One Last Hurrah The Pleasant Street Theatre gave us one last dance on July 13th before permanently shutting its old-fashioned doors to mark the end of an era. And it did so in grand fashion, staging a bittersweet farewell to remember it [...]

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The Quality of Life: A Play about Mortality, Review

New Century Theatre production of The Quality of Life. Photo Courtesy Jon Crispin
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The Quality of Life at Smith College in Northampton Grief and Mortality at the Forefront of a New Play No matter how different we as humans are, death is the great equalizer. And yet the question of how we deal with death is dealt with differently from person to person. This relationship with our indubitable [...]

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HINGE: A Doorway To Quality Beer and Entertainment (Northampton Blog)

Hinge in Northampton, MA. Photo Courtesy of Hinge
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Hinge: A Hip Hangout in Northampton Four Floors of Quality Beer and Entertainment Hinge is a fascinating restaurant/bar in Northampton which sports a cozy interior and a friendly staff that makes one feel he/she is at his own home by greeting you as you walk in. The complex arrangement of the restaurant gives the visitor [...]

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A New Take on DIY: An Interview with Louise Chicoine of Rabbit Rabbit (Northampton Blog)

Rabbit Rabbit. Photo courtesy of Ada
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Northampton’s New Musical Sound: Rabbit Rabbit A New Take on DIY: An Interview with Louise Chicoine of Rabbit Rabbit Take a look at the world surrounding you. Notice how much of it has been developed upon, robbed of its roots and replaced by steel rods and concrete. Hopefully you have just come to the same [...]

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Debussy’s Paris at the Smith College Museum of Art (Northampton Blog)

The Mozart Sonata (Berthe Morisot, 1894). Photo Courtesy of Smith College Museum of Art
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Paris as Seen through Painting and Music Debussy’s Paris, Smith College Museum of Art in Northampton Walk into the Smith College Museum of Art (SCMA) on any day of the week and you’re in for a treat. With exhibits changing on a regular basis, the museum is bound to have something on view for everyone, [...]

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