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Go Organic in the Capital Region: Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

Albany, Schenectady & Troy Farmers Markets
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Capital Region Farmers’ Markets: Albany, Schenectady, Troy & Others Who doesn’t like a win-win situation? Everyone wants to make themselves feel good, whether you admit it or not. And it’s a huge plus if the things that you like to do help others as well. One of the biggest win-win situations of the summer months [...]

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The Free George Guide to July 4th Fireworks & Events in Albany, Schenectady & Troy

July 4th Fireworks Albany
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July 4th 2011 Fireworks & Events for Albany, Troy & Schenectady The go-to favorite for 4th of July fireworks each year is, of course, the Empire State Plaza.  However, if you’re not a fan of crowds, or simply looking for other places in Albany to view the holiday explosions, here is a list of fireworks [...]

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Best Cheap Eats in Troy

Troy Cheap Eats
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Cheap Eats: Best Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Troy With the price of gas at almost biblical proportions, where you go to eat can make you or break you – especially if you spend more at the pump than on the menu. If you’re in Troy looking for local places with delicious food under $10 bucks, then [...]

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Francisco López: Hyper-Rainforest at EMPAC, Review

Iguazu, Brazil
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Review of Francisco López: Hyper-Rainforest at EMPAC I have a friend, Marco, who is a phenomenally talented opera singer studying in Cincinnati. I have heard him sing numerous times and each time was blown away by his talent, utterly respectful of what it takes to be that good at something. That said, I am not a fan [...]

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News from Around the Albany Area, Week of April 25, 2011

Obama, Gibbs
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This Just In: News Capsules from Around the Capital Region Former Obama administration press secretary Robert Gibbs spoke at Union College last night in an event that was free and open to the public. His talk “Inside Washington: What’s Next” discussed many of the key issues of next year’s presidential election. Gibbs now serves as [...]

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The Top 10 Best, Not to Be Missed Things to do in Albany (For the week of April 25, 2011)

Taking Back Sunday
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Albany Mini Magazine: Best Events & Things to Do (Week of April 25, 2011) Looking for some fun happenings this week? Well you’re definitely in luck, because the region is full of them. Here’s a glimpse at the Top 10 Best Events in the Capital Region for the week of April 25, 2011. And be [...]

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Discovery, Innovation and Imagination: RPI’s SAE Unveils their 2011 Race Car

RPI’s SAE 2011 Racecar
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RPI’s SAE Unveils their 2011 Race Car By Helen Holt Okay, I stole the title from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) website. But it’s true: the much anticipated 2011 race car was unveiled on Monday, April 4th at the Hefner Alumni House on RPI’s campus in Troy. The event, called the Rollout, was a huge [...]

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A Trip to the Herman Melville House in Lansingburgh

Herman Melville
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The Herman Melville House in Lansingburgh Despite its name, The Herman Melville House is first and foremost the headquarters of the Lansingburgh Historical Society. It was founded in 1965 to fulfill the need for an organization to collect, preserve and publicize the community’s heritage. Situated on the southeast corner of First Avenue and 114th Street, [...]

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Celebrating the Metamorphosis: A Review of Blue Morph at RPI’s West Hall

Blue Morph at RPI. Photo by Aubree Cutkomp
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A Review of Blue Morph at RPI What does the metamorphosis of the blue morpho from chrysalis to butterfly sound like, you ask? Well, nothing. But the shell of the chrysalis vibrates, and using a tiny mirror, a laser and the advancements of nanotechnology, it sounds like a sick animal in pain. In more eloquent [...]

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Three Days of History: The Underground Railroad & the URHPCR Conference in Troy

A Map of the Underground Railroad
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Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region Conference, Troy February may have come and gone, but black history certainly lives on. And for those interested in the historical past of not only African Americans but American history as well, the Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region (URHPCR) is holding a three-day event [...]

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