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Donald Trump Elected President

Donald Trump Wins the 2016 Presidential Race
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Republicans win White House, Congress and Senate National and Local Election Results What a long, strange trip it’s been. While we thought that the 2012 presidential race was the nastiest of all time, the 2016 race certainly took the cake and gave us one twisted mindfuck of a sideshow that none of us had seen [...]

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A Preview of the June 28 Primaries in NY Districts 19, 20, and 21

Election 2016. Photo Courtesy of
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Upcoming Congressional Primaries in NY Districts 19, 20, and 21 Zephyr Teachout, Matt Funiciello and John Faso are Running for Upstate Congressional Seats on June 28 As this year’s Presidential campaign has morphed into madness, we’d like to take a moment and focus on some of the other races in our area, especially those in [...]

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Man Blames Neighbors, Mother Nature for Fallen Tree in Yard

The Fallen Tree in Theophanes Glurdbicks' Back Yard. Photo by Dave Bower
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Fallen Tree Enrages Local Resident Man Claims Vengeance Against Mother Nature Theophanes Glurdbicks of Salem, NY awoke on Monday morning to find that the top half of a 200-foot tall pine tree had snapped and landed on his yard. Nearing the end of winter and having collected a large amount of naturally fallen wood on [...]

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How White-Nosed Syndrome is Affecting Bats in Upstate New York

White-Nosed Syndrome (WTS) has destroyed 90 percent of the northern bat population. Photo Courtesy of Mother Nature Network.
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Attempts to Cure an Epidemic Affecting Bats in New York The Bat Health Crisis in Upstate New York Most of us that live in upstate New York are totally unaware of the wildlife health crisis occurring in our own backyards. The bat epidemic called White-Nosed Syndrome (WTS) has destroyed 90 percent of the northern bat [...]

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No Sitting on the Grass at J. Walter Juckett Park…Seriously!

J. Walter Juckett Park in Hudson Falls. Photo Courtesy of
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Village Ordinance Attempts to Curb Loitering in Hudson Falls Controversial Law Bans Sitting on the Grass at J. Walter Juckett Park Imagine a park where you are not allowed to sit on the grass? Welcome to J. Walter Juckett, a park among five other village parks – Derby Park, Paris Park, Grace Park and Wall [...]

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Earthquakes in the Adirondacks: Why Seismic Activity is a Common Occurence

Seismic Activity in New York State. Chart Courtesy of the New York State Museum
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Seismic Activity in Upstate New York Numerous Fault Lines Exist in the Adirondacks Warrensburg residents were awakened Sunday morning August 25th to the startling sounds of shaking and rumbling from a magnitude 2.7 earthquake. Although no major damage had been reported, the United States Geological Survey states the Adirondack State Park is among the most [...]

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NY’s Abandoned Churches: Should We Destroy Them to Build More Supermarkets?

The Destruction of St. Patrick's Church in Watervliet. Photo Courtesy of Michael DeMasi-The Business Review
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The Fate of Abandoned Churches in Upstate New York Unique Ways to Preserve These Marvels of Architecture The demise of churches has altered the landscape of suburbs and changed the character of Main Street. Communities in cities, towns and rural areas in upstate New York are forced to find other means of making use of [...]

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Trayvon Martin and Racial Politics Reconstruct Themselves Again

Trayvon Martin. Photo Courtesy of Business Insider
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How the Trayvon Martin Case has Polarized the Nation Stand Your Ground and Racial Politics Under Review The case of Trayvon Martin triggers within our hearts a difficult place in which our hearts go out to the parents of the dead seventeen year old, and try to find answers within such a limiting space. Florida’s [...]

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National Security: A Cat and Mouse Game…But Who Is The Cat?

Big Brother as depicted in the 1956 film version of 1984. Photo Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.
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The NSA Scandal: How Much Privacy Do We Really Have? The Controversy Over Nationwide Surveillance The people of the United States hold their freedom dearly. That long cherished word “freedom” is maintained not through the workings of a peaceful approach though, as measures must be taken in order for our nation to fend off the [...]

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Historic Animal Abuse Registry Bill Passes in NYS Senate

NYS Animal Abuse Registry Bill. Photo Courtesy of
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NYS Senate Votes in Favor of Animal Rights Registry Designed to Protect all Animals in New York State The New York State Senate made history this week in passing legislation that requires anyone who is convicted of abusing an animal to be registered into a public database and to undergo a mandatory psychiatric evaluation. This [...]

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