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Bear Prosperity in New York State Depends on Us

A Black Bear in Adirondack Park. Photo Courtesy of Policy, the Public, and Large Mammalian Populations in the Adirondack State Report by Harvard University
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Bear Sightings on the Rise in New York State How Bears are Affected by Increasing Population Rates Rarely seen at this time of year, bears begin hibernating in the fall; yet, their sightings throughout local rural areas in upstate New York continue to make headlines. “We’ve seen more cubs than ever before,” said Ed Reed, [...]

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President Obama Wins Second Term: Results from National and Local Races

President Barack Obama. Official White House photo by Pete Souza
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President Obama Re-Elected in Tight Race Against Romney National and Local Election Results In a heated campaign that lasted almost two years and a cost somewhere in the neighborhood of several billion dollars, President Barack Obama successfully won a second term as President against Republican challenger Willard Romney. A race that became incredibly tight by [...]

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American Bald Eagles Along the Hudson River

A Bald Eagle at EagleFest
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Once Endangered, the Bald Eagle is Flourishing in New York State American Bald Eagles and Their Resurgence Along the Hudson River Spotting an American Bald Eagle soaring through the skies might be an easier sight to see in upstate New York, than traveling to places like Yellowstone National State Park, where you might be lucky [...]

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Young and Unemployed in Upstate New York

College Graduates. Photo by J.O.H.N Walker
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How Some College Graduates are Using Resources to Find Work The Job Scene in Upstate New York At 22, I imagined myself graduating from college, finding a job, and moving into an apartment. At 22, I was naïve enough to believe that I could set myself apart from every other college graduate. At 22, I [...]

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Despite a Devastating Fire, AnimalKind Continues to Help Animals

Aftermath of the Fire at the AnimalKind Shelter in Hudson. Photo Courtesy AnimalKind
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AnimalKind in Hudson, NY Local Shelter Devoted to Helping Animals Suffers Tragic Fire A fire early in May caused damage to AnimalKind’s shelter in Hudson, forcing Katrin Hecker, the founder to move her rescue animals to a temporary home at The Warren Inn Motel. Despite the recent set-back in the 12 years AnimalKind has served [...]

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Documentary about Puppy Mills in NYS to be screened in Albany on April 30th

Madonna of the Mills (Andrew Nibley, 2011)
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Puppy Mills on the Rise in New York State. Documentary Exposes Horrible Conditions in which Puppies are Raised. The number of puppy mills in New York State is growing at an alarming rate. The lack of regulating laws and access to inexpensive land, mostly in central regions of New York State, are the main causes.  [...]

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Levon Helm: 1940-2012

Levon Helm in The Last Waltz (Martin Scorsese, 1978)
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The Beloved Musician Loses His Battle With Cancer Levon Helm: 1940-2012 I remember the first time I saw The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese’s classic documentary about The Band’s 1976 farewell concert. I was in high school and I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of their music at the time. I only knew [...]

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Food Prices and the Walmart Love/Hate

Walmart. Photo Courtesy of
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Consumers and the Divide Over Walmart’s Prices Walmart’s Low Prices Compete Against Tried and True Supermarket Chains At a time when food prices are soaring, Walmart has announced it will be slashing its already low grocery prices. Is this a good thing? The discussion about Walmart has come to stand for the larger debate about [...]

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Ernie Williams: 1925-2012

Ernie Williams. Photo Courtesy Williams Productions
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Local Blues Legend Ernie Williams Dies at 87 A Tribute to a Tireless Performer who Brought Smiles to the Capital Region One August afternoon while in Saratoga, I heard a blues band playing. As I approached, I knew it had to be Ernie Williams. The sound of that guitar, the smooth voice; it was him. [...]

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Speak Up for Animals: Two Lobbying Events Scheduled in Albany

NYS Animal Advocacy Day 2011. Photo by Nicole M. Arciello Berhaupt
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A Preview of Humane Lobby Day and Animal Advocacy Day Animal Rights at the Forefront of Two Upcoming Events It seems like there is an animal abuse story in the news every day. Most recently, a man duct-taped a dog’s legs and mouth, then abandoned him in a ditch on the side of a road [...]

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