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Hydrofracking Dumping Needs to be Considered in Bargaining Chip

A Demonstration Against Hydrofracking in New York State. Photo Courtesy of DC Bureau.
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Hydrofracking Waste Disposal Adds More to the Controversy Safety Issues With Hydrofracking in New York The moratorium for passing hydrofracking in New York State is in effect until a comprehensive public health and environmental impact assessment be completed by spring 2015; and in the meantime legislation needs to consider wastewater as part of the bargaining [...]

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Police Power and the Arrest of Jonas Correia: Northampton Blog

Another still from the Joseph Correia arrest video.
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A Public Arrest in Northampton Questions Police Brutality Police Brutality and Racial Profiling in Northampton Northampton considers itself a bastion of freedom. It is the “Happy Valley” land of peaceful people. This is because it is a liberal city where people of all orientations are for the most part treated with kindness as long as [...]

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New Outdoor Skywalk Planned for The Wild Center in Tupper Lake

The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY
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A Walk on the Wild Side at the Wild Center The Wild Center Plans a Treetop Walk Hinging on state regulatory approval and fundraising efforts, the Wild Center hopes to bring a new attraction called the ‘Treetop walk’ to the public by 2015. Similar in concept to the Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped steel structure with glass [...]

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New York’s Attorney General Takes a Stand Against Acid Rain Pollution

Acid Rain Threatens the Adirondacks. Photo Courtesy of Rensselaer Magazine
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Fund Established to Fight Acid Rain Pollution A New Grant to Help Reverse Acid Rain Pollution in the Adirondacks New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has created a $400,000 grant to fund projects for reversing acid rain pollution in the Adirondacks. The Adirondack Acid Rain Recovery Program will help identify and implement the most effective [...]

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The Reintroduction of Cougars in the Adirondacks Should be Considered

A Cougar. Photo Courtesy of DEC NY.
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Cougars in the Adirondacks: Should it Happen? Reintroducing the Long Absent Cougar into the Ecosystem If we keep the promise we’ve inherited from our forefathers, ensuring our state parks are preserved for our children and their children’s children, then NYDEC needs to expedite the study for the reintroduction of cougars into the Adirondacks. John Laundre, [...]

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Invasive Species in Lake George: An Ongoing Problem

Lake George. Photo by Dave Bower
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Asian Clams Continue to Wreak Havoc on Lake George Combatting the Invasive Species Proves a Tricky Endeavor We seem to be losing the battle of destroying the invasive species that, in some cases, have infested the great waters of Lake George for decades. Adirondack Park Agency (APA) scientists tried eradicating the Asian claims by using [...]

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A Call for Stricter Gun Laws in the Aftermath of Sandy Hook

A Memorial for the Victims of the Sandy Hook School Shooting. Photo Courtesy of Evan Vucci/AP
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How to Move Forward with Gun Laws Gun Control in America The time for taking action to stop gunplay is now. Where America allows citizens to obtain guns, it does little to keep tabs on the mental health of the individuals who own them, or the family that surrounds him/her. What can be done to [...]

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Bear Prosperity in New York State Depends on Us

A Black Bear in Adirondack Park. Photo Courtesy of Policy, the Public, and Large Mammalian Populations in the Adirondack State Report by Harvard University
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Bear Sightings on the Rise in New York State How Bears are Affected by Increasing Population Rates Rarely seen at this time of year, bears begin hibernating in the fall; yet, their sightings throughout local rural areas in upstate New York continue to make headlines. “We’ve seen more cubs than ever before,” said Ed Reed, [...]

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President Obama Wins Second Term: Results from National and Local Races

President Barack Obama. Official White House photo by Pete Souza
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President Obama Re-Elected in Tight Race Against Romney National and Local Election Results In a heated campaign that lasted almost two years and a cost somewhere in the neighborhood of several billion dollars, President Barack Obama successfully won a second term as President against Republican challenger Willard Romney. A race that became incredibly tight by [...]

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Farmers Assaulted by Converging Effects of Climate Change

The Potato-Tomato Psyllid. Photo Courtesy of Quest
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How the Tomato-Potato Psyllid Has Affected Agriculture Throughout the World Pests and Climate Change Threaten Crops World Wide There is little doubt that climate change will have and has already had profound global effects on agriculture. While warmer weather means a longer growing season in many regions, with the potential of more harvests and more [...]

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