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The Top 10 Coolest Shops in the Capital Region

Dirty Goblin Games
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Fun Shops and Shopping in Albany & the Capital Region Capital Region’s Coolest Stores: Quirky Stuff, Clothes, Books, Games and Computers In Upstate New York, we have chain retail stores coming out our ears, restaurants of varying quality, and the same old, same old everything right in front of our faces. But search a little [...]

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Top 10 Coolest Stores in Lake Placid

Bookstore Plus
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Best Stores, Shops and Shopping in Lake Placid Just in Time for the Holidays, Lake Placid’s Coolest Stores With the Holiday Season quickly approaching, you might be wondering what Lake Placid has to offer in terms of shopping. We might not be New York City, but there are still unique shops that can provide gifts [...]

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The Top 10 Coolest Stores in Saratoga

G. Willikers
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Top 10 Coolest Stores and Shops in Saratoga Springs, NY Best Shopping in Saratoga: Toys, Records, Boutiques, Olive Oil, Fun and More Await You Saratoga has a lot to offer both visitors and residents alike – the springs, the race course, a rich history, and some of the best shopping in the upstate NY area. [...]

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Living the Lake House Life: Matthew Slaughter on His Store, Next Summer, in Bolton Landing

Matthew Slaughter, Next Summer
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An Interview with Next Summer’s Matthew Slaughter By Monica Sirignano and Dave Bower It isn’t always easy to find unique shops; often they’re hidden away in the places you might least expect. Such is the case with the mother-son owned store, Next Summer, located in the quaint town of Bolton Landing, about 10 miles north [...]

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Made in Washington County

washington county ny
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Washington County, NY: A Rich Landscape of Growers, Producers and Artisans The growers and producers of Washington County create the landscape described by some as the Tuscany of New York with their crops, barns, silos and animals. Beyond the greens, cows and corn is an emergence of Made in Washington County products, with everything from [...]

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Need Some New Wares for Your Biz? Buyer Days Trade Show is Coming to the Saratoga Springs City Center

Crazy as a Loom Rugs
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Buyer Days, Saratoga Springs City Center The snow is melting, the days are longer and brighter, and according to our president, the recession is ending (one would hope)—all these factors are easily attributable to getting you in the shopping mode. If you’re a business owner, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that this Wednesday [...]

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Pure’N’Simple: A Natural and Organic Alternative

Pure'N'Simple, Glens Falls
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Once it comes to your attention, you can’t ignore it. The ticking of your watch. The way your friend twists her hair around her finger. The dent in your car’s door. Such was the case for me, when I learned about endocrine disruption. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that mimic or block our bodies’ hormones. Interferences [...]

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A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Warrensburg: Maple Tree Books

Maple Tree Books
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Maple Tree Books 3812 Main Street Warrensburg, NY  12885 518-623-2894 Nestled along Main Street in downtown Warrensburg is a little gem of a used bookstore called Maple Tree Books. It stands somewhat unobtrusively back from the town’s main street, in an old white house, with a screen door, a porch that’s stacked with boxes, [...]

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