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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Dancing (Plus Where to Do It from the Capital Region to the Adirondacks)

Social Dancing
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Social Dancing & Where to Do It (Capital Region to the Adirondacks) Social dancing is a little-known secret to adding pleasure to your life—it’s a great way to relax, meet new people, and burn off those extra calories. If you’ve always wanted to try it, this little guide will help get you on your way. [...]

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The Art of the Remix: Record Albums as Book Covers & Other Cool Artistic Literary Ventures

Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks by Christophe Gowans
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Record Albums as Book Covers & Other Artistic Literary Ventures People like remixes. There is a very particular exhilaration that comes over you when that-song-that-you-don’t-really-like-but-the-stations-all-play-so-now-you’re-just-used-to-the-damn-thing starts to slow down and an echo-y voice shouts out, “Reeeeeeeemix!” It’s fun to have something you’ve grown used to altered a bit, taken ever so slightly out of its [...]

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Virtual Reality Reboot: The Internet’s Got the Bug

Virtual Reality
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Virtual reality has been predicted by science fiction for years. From being sucked into a video game and forced to do battle against microchip-demons, to plugging into a sandy beach oasis for an hour or so at the end of a long day, the possibilities were equally endless and exciting. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there. [...]

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Notes from a Vlogging Addict

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As a blogger, I spend a good deal of time sharing my thoughts and life with people on the Internet. With all of this conceit and self-aggrandizement bursting out of my every pore, it would stand to reason that I really love the sound of my own voice. Ever the disappointment, however, I prefer to [...]

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Best Practices in Banana Time, Review: The Beginning of a New Age

Best Practices in Banana Time, Sanctuary for Independent Media
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Saturday night I went to see Best Practices in Banana Time at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in downtown Troy. The Sanctuary for Independent Media is run out of a repurposed century-old church building and is owned and operated by the New York Media Alliance. The cozy performance/meeting space has a grungy, intellectual coffee house [...]

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Invasion of the Vlogs

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Ok, so let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a “YouTuber.” I do not stay up into the wee hours of the morning watching babies giggle (as cute as they may be) or watch puppies chase their tails (adorable as well). I am proud to say that I, unlike so many others, [...]

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