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How William Henry Harrison Murray Introduced the Adirondacks to America

William Henry Harrison "Adirondack" Murray. Photo Courtesy New York Public Library
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The Inspiration Behind Adventures in the Wilderness How a Connecticut Clergyman Became the Father of the Outdoor Movement The man that initially drew attention to the Adirondacks, and is responsible for the huge influx of urban vacationers to the area was William Henry Harrison Murray (1840–1904). Nicknamed “Adirondack Murray” because of his books, he was [...]

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Charles R. Wood, the Founder of The Great Escape

Charles R. Wood. Photo Courtesy of Glens Falls Hospital
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How The Great Escape Came to Be Charles R. Wood:  Amusement Park Developer and Philanthropist Millions flock to the Great Escape every summer, enjoying the thrill of riding on the Mega Wedgie, speeding on the Streamin’ Demon or getting soaking wet on the Desperado Plunge. The man behind the curtain who made it all possible was Charles [...]

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Verplanck Colvin: The Inspiration Behind the Adirondack Park

Verplanck Colvin
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How One Man’s Vision Helped Shape the Adirondacks Verplanck Colvin and the Adirondack Park Earlier this August, 69,000 acres were added to the Adirondack Park, the largest state park in the continental United States. This addition, which is the largest addition to the 6 million acre park in more than 100 years, includes 175 lakes, more [...]

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Teo Macero: American Jazz Saxophonist, Composer, Record Producer and Glens Falls Native

Miles Davis and Teo Macero
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A Tireless Innovator who Changed the Sound of Music Glens Falls Native Teo Macero Record producers and musical artists are known to have relationships that are either contentious or fruitful; often times, their contributions are overlooked. Think of how Howlin’ Wolf, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley might have sounded without the influence of [...]

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The Susan B. Anthony Childhood Home in Battenville

The Susan B. Anthony House, circa 1897
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Susan B. Anthony’s Childhood in Battenville The Legendary Suffragist’s Early Years in Washington County Susan B. Anthony dedicated her life to women’s suffrage. Her efforts paved the way for the 19th amendment in 1920, 14 years after her death, which gave women the right to vote. She not only she broke barriers beyond female empowerment, [...]

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Chester A. Arthur and His Connection to Washington County

Chester A. Arthur
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Little Known Facts about Chester A. Arthur Chester Arthur’s Ties to Greenwich, New York Often in history giants like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt overshadow lesser known presidents such as Chester A. Arthur, the 21st president of the United States. We forget their achievements were made to form a better nation and improve the [...]

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A Look Back at the Life and Work of Jeanne Robert Foster: Adirondack Poet and Model

Jeanne Robert Foster
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Jeanne Robert Foster, Adirondack Poet & Model A Look Back at the Life and Work of Jeanne Robert Foster Ford Madox Ford, James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, and Ezra Pound are memorable names, to be sure. We see them as great, untouchable artists, far removed from the real world. Farther even, from our own small [...]

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A Look Back at Lake George Boat Racer George Reis and El Lagarto

El Lagarto
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Lake George Boat Racer, George Reis, and El Lagarto–The Leaping Lizard of Lake George Lake George, NY is well known for the things that have taken place around its shores. Famous millionaires visited the lake during the summers; important artists and other persons of interest have called the lake “home” over the years. But the [...]

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Fred G. Sullivan: An Adirondack Filmmaking Visionary

Fred G Sullivan
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An Interview with Katie Sullivan, daughter of Saranac Lake-based Filmmaker Fred G. Sullivan By T J Brearton Some call it “the bug.” There’s something that gets inside you and compels you to tell visual stories. To make films. There are all kinds of filmmakers. Is it possible that Sofia Coppola may never have gotten into [...]

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A Trip to the Herman Melville House in Lansingburgh

Herman Melville
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The Herman Melville House in Lansingburgh Despite its name, The Herman Melville House is first and foremost the headquarters of the Lansingburgh Historical Society. It was founded in 1965 to fulfill the need for an organization to collect, preserve and publicize the community’s heritage. Situated on the southeast corner of First Avenue and 114th Street, [...]

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