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Six New Year’s Resolutions Not To Make

New Year's Resolutions. Photo Courtesy 5 Minutes For Mom
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Six New Year’s Resolutions Not To Make How many stop smoking, stop drinking, stop doing something resolutions have gone to the wayside with that first cup of strong coffee and bottle of aspirin at the start of the New Year? It’s so bad in fact that it’s caused some of us to stop making New [...]

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Memories of Christmas: A Perspective on Decorating the Tree

Christmas Tree
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Memories of Christmas: A Perspective on Decorating the Tree An Entertaining Look at the Holiday Tradition My mother has never been a big fan of Christmas or of holidays in particular. Two months in advance, her words precede the commercials which run the television programming: “It’s almost Christmas,” she says with good nature, but inside [...]

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How I Spent My Passover

matzah and bread
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Passover Humor How I spent my passover Get the picture?…..okay good. I’m at a wrap place during lunchbreak. There’s a buffet of choices, literally: BBQ steak wrap, meatball sub, grilled chicken, chicken parmesan, pizza, calzones, lasagna…ok ok, I’m not gonna list off every item on the menu like a shitty waitress. I end up choosing [...]

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The 2012 Elections: It’s All About the Hair

Our Next President?
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2012 Elections: It’s All About the Hair During a recent TV appearance, Donald Trump vigorously and with malice aforethought, bashed Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stating that he has a bigger net worth and is more successful than him…he also rubbed it in by claiming to have an extensive baseball card collection and every issue [...]

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My First Day at the Office

bathroom humor
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Bathroom Etiquette in the Workplace Few of you knew, fewer of you care: I started my new job this week–content writing for a custom news company. In between writer’s block, bathroom breaks, stomach aches, annoying coworkers, pathetic coffee fiends, and suit-wearing, 20-something year-olds that walk around with an air of arrogance and a head full of [...]

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One Man’s Secret

secret deoderant
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I’m a man that uses women’s deodorant… My sensitive underarm-skin ALLOWS me (not forces me) to use women’s deodorant.  Men’s deodorant irritates me, both psychologically and dermotogically, especially the hard-gel variety. The advantages of women’s deodorant are ‘secret’ (double-entendre) and quite profound. Not only does my skin stay safe and soft, women enjoy feminine-scents. Notice, [...]

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The Adirondacks’ Comedy Central: Green Mansions

Paul Morrissey, Green Mansions Golf Club, Photo by Dave Bower
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On the fairly cold night of February 4th, Green Mansions featured a night of comedy with two artists who’ve become well known in the comedy circuit: Moody McCarthy and Paul Morrissey. Comedy can be a hard life—as Steve Martin once said, “it’s not pretty.” You have to always be on target, deal with hecklers every [...]

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Inside the Writing Process of Brain Jellyfish

Brain Jellyfish Henrietta
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We had a last minute cancellation on one of our articles, so I was assigned to write a humor piece instead. Personally, I feel like going outside and making snow angels, so I will leave the task of writing in the article in the capable hands of the Creative Department residing in my brain. I [...]

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New Facebook/Twitter Rules for the New Year

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1) If you comment positively on someone’s post or status, don’t add a proverbial exclamation point by “liking” it as well. We already know you like it. The purpose of the “like” button is for the lazy people who have yet to master the quick and painless written compliment. 2) STOP IT with the statuses [...]

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WikiLeaks and Free Speech 2.0

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange
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Julian Assange really only has Al Gore to blame for his current predicament. That or his penchant for Swedish girls, and who can blame a man for a thing like that? No, it is the Creator of the Internet and 43rd President of the United States Al Gore that Assange should be cursing under his [...]

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