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Weekending on a Budget in the Catskills: Dutchess County/Ulster Area

The Burning of Kingston
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Things to Do in the Catskills: Dutchess County/Ulster Area Exploring the Catskills: Day Trips, Historical Reenactments and, yes, Beer With the economy limping and no ice pack in sight, it’s time to explore the fun things to do in the Catskills without losing your ankle brace: We’re going to start across the river in Dutchess [...]

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Daytripping (or Weekending) in New Paltz

New Paltz
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Weekending in New Paltz Fun Things to Do in one of New York’s Hippest Towns: New Paltz, NY There’s no shortage of things to do in the village of New Paltz. I considered calling this column Weekending in New Paltz because it can’t all get done in a day. New Paltz is a refreshing break [...]

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Daytripping: Howe Caverns

Lantern Tour at Howe Caverns
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On a Howe Caverns Underground Tour Howe Caverns: Spelunking Expeditions and Tours Though summer is at its end, I bet we still have some scorching days ahead of us. Instead of doing a water park trip to cool off, I decided to try something a little more unusual: a guided spelunking expedition in the local [...]

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Get Spooked this Fall at the Top Five Haunted Places in the Capital Region

Homestead Asylum
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Haunted Places in Albany & the Capital Region Paranormal Places in your Backyard Summer is fading. All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us. It means different things for everyone, but even those who celebrate this “spirit night” admit that the jack-o-lanterns aren’t the spookiest things out there. Put away the Ouija boards, candles, and pentagrams—it [...]

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Day-Tripping: Top Must Sees and Dos in Syracuse

Beak and Skiff Apple Farm
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Things to Do in Syracuse Syracuse’s Best Attractions Summertime in Syracuse may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Known for its beautiful fall foliage and rough winters (which create striking images as well) Syracuse always shines bright with activities and attractions. Here are my favorite things to [...]

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Day-Tripping: Antiquing in the Catskills

Homer and Langley's Mystery Spot
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Antique Shops in the Catskills Best Antiquing in the Catskills Growing up in Connecticut, my family would take a trip to the Catskills every fall. As a child, the Catskills were synonymous with the (now out of business) Catskills Game Farm (…”you’ll find adventure…at Catskills Game Farm…adventure is in our nature! “). I can still [...]

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A Different Way to Travel NY State: Cycling the Erie Canal

Erie Canal, Photo by Eric Moll
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Erie Canal Cycling Stress-less Cycling along the Erie Canal The Erie Canal was pretty instrumental in the early economic growth of Rochester, as well as Buffalo and even New York City, but its downfall was rapid once highways showed up to replace it. I-90 actually takes the same basic path as the Erie Canal. It [...]

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Day-Tripping: Top 5 Must Sees and Dos in Northampton, MA

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Sites and Attractions: Northampton Things to Do in Northampton There are interesting one-of-a-kind sites in every city, no matter how hard they may be to find, and Northampton is no exception. This town is bursting with history and activity, but too often Noho’s attractions are lost amongst all the restaurants and coffee shops. When it [...]

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A Vegan B&B in New Lebanon, NY: Red Robin Song Guest House

Red Robin Guest House, New Lebanon, NY
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The Red Robin Song Guest House, New Lebanon, NY Tucked away in the town of New Lebanon, NY in the hills of the Berkshires, on a quiet off-the-beaten-path side road off Rt. 20, you’ll find the spacious and serene Red Robin Song Guest House. The B&B rests on 85 acres surrounded mostly by wooded land, which include [...]

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Squeezing in Time for the Outdoors: Five Hikes Under Two Hours Near Albany

Kaaterskill Falls, Haines Falls, NY
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Five Quick Hikes Under Two Hours Near Albany, NY As I try to juggle all the healthy elements of my life—my food service job, my writing, exercise, cooking, cleaning—I wonder if there’s ever any time for fun. Where do I fit in me-time? It’s tough to do everything you want to, especially when you have [...]

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