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Shopping in the Catskill/Woodstock/Ulster Area (Catskills Blog)

The Parent Teacher Store
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Shopping in the Catskill/Woodstock/Ulster Area Toys, Books, Housewares and Other Fun Things With Black Friday in the past and the holidays approaching fast, I thought it might be nice to explore shopping in the Catskill & Ulster County area. I’m avoiding the big box stores and going for the independents as they tend to have [...]

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A Taste of the Appalachian Trail: Hiking the CT AT (CT Blog)

The Appalachian Trail. Photo by Sarah Alender
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A Taste of the Appalachian Trail: Hiking the Connecticut Appalachian Trail A Look at the 52 Miles of Appalachian Trail that goes through Connecticut The Appalachian Trail spans over 2,150 miles from Georgia to Maine; unbeknownst to many people, approximately 52 of those miles go through Connecticut. The trail crosses the NY/CT border near New [...]

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Weekending on a Budget in the Catskills: Dutchess County/Ulster Area

The Burning of Kingston
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Things to Do in the Catskills: Dutchess County/Ulster Area Exploring the Catskills: Day Trips, Historical Reenactments and, yes, Beer With the economy limping and no ice pack in sight, it’s time to explore the fun things to do in the Catskills without losing your ankle brace: We’re going to start across the river in Dutchess [...]

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The Last Best Place: Reflections on a Trip to Montana

Montana. Photo by Dan Long
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Montana: The Last Best Place Exploring Montana and the Pacific Northwest From the second we are born our imaginations are constantly shrinking. As a child the world we find ourselves in is full of small mysteries, everything is new. A trip to Burger King or the bowling alley is an act of discovery and we [...]

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Daytripping (or Weekending) in New Paltz

New Paltz
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Weekending in New Paltz Fun Things to Do in one of New York’s Hippest Towns: New Paltz, NY There’s no shortage of things to do in the village of New Paltz. I considered calling this column Weekending in New Paltz because it can’t all get done in a day. New Paltz is a refreshing break [...]

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Daytripping: Howe Caverns

Lantern Tour at Howe Caverns
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On a Howe Caverns Underground Tour Howe Caverns: Spelunking Expeditions and Tours Though summer is at its end, I bet we still have some scorching days ahead of us. Instead of doing a water park trip to cool off, I decided to try something a little more unusual: a guided spelunking expedition in the local [...]

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Get Spooked this Fall at the Top Five Haunted Places in the Capital Region

Homestead Asylum
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Haunted Places in Albany & the Capital Region Paranormal Places in your Backyard Summer is fading. All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us. It means different things for everyone, but even those who celebrate this “spirit night” admit that the jack-o-lanterns aren’t the spookiest things out there. Put away the Ouija boards, candles, and pentagrams—it [...]

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Cyber Vagabonding Part 2: The Couchsurfing Experience

At TentSurf 2010 in Mexico, couchsurfers gather around a bonfire-2
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Cyber Vagabonding Part 2: The Couchsurfing Experience Couchsurfing: Another Way to see the World At TentSurf 2010 in Mexico, couchsurfers gather around a bonfire. This weeklong party on the beach featured people from all over the world, and the United States. Part of the International phenomenon of Couchsurfing. My guests have just departed. After a [...]

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Quarter-Life Crisis Adverted. Sort Of. Driving Cross Country, Part Four: Colorado

Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde National Park. Photo Halley Ofner
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Colorado: Driving Cross Country, Part Four The Wild, Weird and Wacky in the US In the continental United States, the people are represented by 48 separate yet equally important and fascinating states. Our goal was to see them all. These are our stories. The State: Colorado I don’t know about you, but when I hear [...]

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Day-Tripping: Top Must Sees and Dos in Syracuse

Beak and Skiff Apple Farm
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Things to Do in Syracuse Syracuse’s Best Attractions Summertime in Syracuse may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Known for its beautiful fall foliage and rough winters (which create striking images as well) Syracuse always shines bright with activities and attractions. Here are my favorite things to [...]

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