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Is This the End of “Two and a Half Men”?

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Charlie SheenThe future of television’s current number one hit show right now, “Two and a Half Men,” is in limbo.

The show, for those readers who haven’t caught a glimpse, is based, not so loosely, around the life of the show’s star, Charlie Sheen. Sheen plays Charlie Harper, a wealthy jingle writer who lives in his Malibu, CA beach house with his tentative, underachieving brother (Jon Cryer), and his not-so-sharp nephew (Angus T. Jones). Sheen’s womanizing and excessive drinking create amusing storylines involving attractive women and a barrage of one liners, mostly at the expense of Charlie’s brother. Charlie’s quick-witted maid and his bizarre, obsessive neighbor also provide comical commentary from the peripheral. Overall, the show is the definition of hilarity and absolutely worth tuning in to. It is very likely that one could spend the entire half hour length of an episode laughing aloud. I would advise, however, to monitor viewing by a younger audience, as a number of the jokes and episode plots prove to be sexually explicit and generally crude.

Filming for the current season of “Two and a Half Men,”however, was halted due to particularly erratic behavior by Sheen. It is widely known that the actor loves to party long into the night. News of parties involving large amounts of alcohol and illegal drugs is hardly shocking when Sheen’s name is linked to them. A recent emergency room visit though, attributed to a drug overdose, was the apparent breaking point for the show’s creator, writer, and executive producer, Chuck Lorre, who locked out the show’s entire staff. Since then, an out of work Sheen has been living it up inside his Los Angeles mansion with porn stars, though allegedly without any type of drugs or alcohol.

After a number of recent television and radio interviews with prominent media figures such as Piers Morgan and Dan Patrick, “Two and a Half Men” fans, as well as the rest of the general public, have been left wondering what is going on inside of Charlie Sheen’s head. During each of the interviews, Sheen’s demeanor and responses have distinctly resembled those of an individual coping with mania. His answers stray from anything logical that one might expect to hear in a televised interview. In one response, he makes the claim that his veins are actually filled with tiger blood. I’m not sure if this reply is just another humorous jest by a comedic genius or a man who has clearly lost his grip on reality. Each conversation has also addressed the actor’s history, both recent and distant, of drug use. And each time, Sheen claims that he has been sober for about one month now, even passing a test on air. His behavior during the interviews, however, leaves viewers having a tough time believing him.

Besides Chuck’s wild behavior, viewers have been able to see his compassionate side. During more than one of the interviews, Sheen has admirably lobbied for everyone else employed by CBS in creating “Two and a Half Men,” backstage workers and co-stars alike, to be paid. He unselfishly claimed that his own compensation is his last order of business. Whether fans believe him or not, Sheen came off as genuinely concerned.

After all of that, the one central question still remains: What does the future hold for “Two and a Half Men”? In the last couple days, Charlie Sheen has commented that all parties involved are devoted to continuing the show. It has yet to be seen whether or not his claims are truthful or even shared by Chuck Lorre.

At this point, the only question that I am concerned with is whether Charlie Sheen and his antics will play out on the small screen, for us all to be amused by or if they will continue to carry on privately, behind the walls of his L.A. mansion.

–Jeremy Cross is a Contributor to The Free George.

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