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Go Organic in Essex County: Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

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Farmers' MarketsOne way to support your local economy is by purchasing foods from local Farmers’ Markets. Here you can find delicious, healthy food at low prices that helps support small businesses in your area, and the farmers who provide these quality products. Produce at Farmers Markets features locally grown fruits and vegetables bursting with vitamins and minerals that may not be evident in grocery store produce; the food is always fresh and retains its nutrients in the transition from one coast to another. Throughout the eighteen towns and four villages that are considered regions of Essex County, here is a roundup of several flourishing markets.

The Elizabethtown Farmers’ Market offers a variety of vegetables, berries and maple syrup that are in season and native to the Adirondacks. From these organic ingredients, farmers have compiled an array of jams, jellies, fresh flour, and baked goods. The Elizabethtown Market is not a place solely dedicated to the distribution of organically grown food, but vendors also sell handmade articles of clothing and often distribute crafts like pottery. The market is open on Fridays from 9am-1pm behind the Adirondack Center Museum. Elizabethtown will close their market for the season around mid-October.

That Lake Placid Farmers’ Market offers a wide variety of items reaching from vegetables to pork. Located at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, here you can find fresh, no-spray vegetable and herbs, along with locally grown apples and pears and homegrown maple syrup as well as some unique hand-made crafts. The market prides itself in the vending of organic cheese produced from grass fed cows along with grass fed beef and pork. Ready to eat snacks are also available to curb your hunger while shopping. The Lake Placid Farmers’ Market takes place on Wednesdays from 9am-1pm and also runs until mid-October.

If you’re free on a Monday from 9am-1pm, you should take a trip to Schroon Lake to view the sites and experience the taste of the Schroon Lake Farmers’ Market is located at the Town Hall. The vendors at this particular market offer the common vegetables you would normally find at farmer’s markets, like carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, etc. But the farmers in Schroon Lake will also be selling an array of items that you may not find at other markets, such as beets, Chinese greens, garlic, hot peppers, and summer squash. Last but not least, Schroon Lake will also be supporting their local maple syrup farmers by selling jugs of maple syrup which are a hot commodity in this area. This market will come to a close in early September.

Keene is also currently hosting a Farmers’ Market every Sunday from 9:30am-2pm located at the Marcy Airfield on Route 73 between Keene and Keene Valley. If you’re making the trip up North, you should take the time to stop and purchase some organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Other Farmers’ Markets include:

The Ticonderoga Farmers’ Market will be open every Saturday through October at the Town Green on Montcalm Street from10:00am-4:00pm.

Along Route 22 you will find the Willsboro Farmer’s Market, running every Thursday from 9:00am – 1:00pm, through September 9th.

Purchasing produce from a Farmer’s Market not only gives you a chance to buy fresh produce; it allows you to take part in the strengthening of your local economy. Locally grown food is not only more convenient to purchase, but it can also be the better choice as it is always fresh as opposed to supermarket produce which can take up to two weeks to be shipped across the country to your local grocery store. In the shipping of the produce, carbon dioxide is emitted, so by purchasing locally grown food, you can single handedly help our struggling environment.

–Juliet Barney is an Assistant Editor of The Free George.

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