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Go Organic in Warren County: Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

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Farmers MarketWhen Oprah had Michael Pollan on her show in January, I just had to post a link to my Facebook page. After all, once Oprah’s behind you it means you’ve really hit the big time. (Our President would seem to be another case in point.) If you caught that show you know that Michael Pollan is the journalist and food activist author of, among other books, Food Rules, In Defense of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, as well as a producer and narrator of the movie “Food Inc.” And you’ll know that Food Rules is pretty much a food politics manifesto. The most basic food rules? “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” He also likes to talk about “Voting with your fork.” After all, he says, “you get to do it at least three times a day.”

If you’re sympathetic to Michael Pollan’s views on food, as it seems a growing number of us are, then you’ll count among the many joys of spring the return of local produce and farmers’ markets. While I’ve noticed that large local supermarkets, such as Hannaford’s and Price Chopper, increasingly make it a point to feature locally produced foods, it’s hard to beat the selection, prices and “feel-good” ambiance that you’ll find at a farmers’ market. What better way, short of growing your own, to know your farmer and know your food?

The Glens Falls Farmers’ Market, located at the South Street Market Pavilion in downtown Glens Falls, resumed its season on May 1st, and is open each Saturday morning from 8 to 12. The largest of our local farmers’ markets, its offerings include seasonal produce, locally grown beef and poutlry, artisanal cheeses, flowers and honey. Its nicely organized website,, includes links to the websites of its vendors and allows you to search its vendors by product. The same website services the Queensbury Farmers’ Market, located at the Elks Club lot on Cronin Road (off of Bay Road) in Queensbury, not far from Lowe’s. Although it’s only half as large as the Glens Falls market, it still offers a nice variety, with 15 merchants, including seasonal produce and locally raised poultry. It has been open on Mondays from 3 to 6 in the afternoon since May 3.

The Warrensburg Riverfront Farmers’ Market is scenically located on the river in the Warrensburg Mills Historic District on River Street in Warrensburg. It resumed on May 28 and is open every Friday afternoon from 3 to 6. Although it does not appear to maintain its own website, I found information and glowing reviews (to which I can personally attest) at, a website which features a nifty interactive map that allows you to view and zoom into the locations of Local Harvest affiliated farms and farmers’ markets all over the country. At the Warrensburg farmers’ market, you’ll find Adirondack maple syrup from neighboring Thurman maples, in addition to local produce and poultry.

The North Creek Farmers’ Market on the Hudson is located on the East Hudson River next to the Upper Hudson River Railroad. It will begin its second year on June 17th and be open each Thursday from 3 to 6. In addition to locally produced foods, plants and crafts, the North Creek Farmers’ Market will feature live entertainment by local performers. Check out for links to vendor websites and more information.

The newest of Warren County’s farmers’ markets, the Thurman Station Farmers’ Market, opened at the Historic Thurman Station on Route 418 in August of 2009. The Thurman Station Farmers’ Market will run from 12:30 to 5:00 each Wednesday through October 13. Special events will include greeting riders from Upper Hudson River Railroad’s 12:30 excursion train from Corinth in July and August. The market features local cottage industries including homemade soaps and lotions, jams, jellies, fresh baked goods, unique handcrafted paper bead jewelry, stained glass stepping stones, locally raised produce, and maple products from the Adirondack Gold Maple Farm. Check their website,, for a calendar of special entertainment and events, links to vendors and directions.

Glens Falls Farmers’ Market, South Street Market Pavilion, Downtown Glens Falls: Saturdays 8am–12pm

Queensbury Farmers’ Market, Elks Club Lot, Cronin Road off of Bay Road (near Lowe’s and ACC), Queensbury: Mondays 3pm–6pm

Warrensburg Riverfront Farmers’ Market, Warrensburg Mills Historic District, River Street: Fridays 3pm–6pm

North Creek Farmers’ Market, Next to Upper Hudson River Railroad Depot, North Creek: Thursdays 3pm–6pm, beginning June 17th

Thurman Station Farmers’ Market, Historic Thurman Station, 815 NYS Route 418, Thurman: Wednesdays 12:30-5:00

–LaDelle Dautremont moved to the Adirondacks from Queens, NY in 2006. She regularly frets over ways to lead her life in an environmentally sustainable, yet affordable way.

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