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The Adirondacks’ Comedy Central: Green Mansions

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Moody McCarthy, Green Mansions Golf Club, Photo by Dave BowerOn the fairly cold night of February 4th, Green Mansions featured a night of comedy with two artists who’ve become well known in the comedy circuit: Moody McCarthy and Paul Morrissey. Comedy can be a hard life—as Steve Martin once said, “it’s not pretty.” You have to always be on target, deal with hecklers every now and then and make sure that your material is potent. Sometimes you rock the joint, or you bomb…there always tends to be that uncertainty. It’s an admirable profession, because as a comic, you put yourself on the line. But with an audience ardently connected to the vibe of these two artists, this particular evening was a no holds barred humorous excursion. From the moment Moody McCarthy took the stage to the moment Paul Morrissey left, it was a good feeling night, because nothing makes you feel better, or at least us, then just sitting back with a beer and laughing yourself silly.

If you’re thinking that a golf club may not be the prime location for comedy, you’d be wrong. In fact, such an assumption could actually lead you down the path of a darkly lit room with cynical comics who find slamming the audience to be their idea of humor. We know, we’ve been there, done that. Sometimes it’s the unexpected places that you find the wealth of talent, and after some short deliberation (not much was needed), we decided that this is pretty much the hottest comedy going on in the Adirondacks. To test our theory, you’ll have to head down there yourself. Do it—all you’ve got to lose are two aching cheeks the morning after. Here’s what we experienced from these two very talented comics on the night of February 4th.

NYC-based Moody McCarthy opened the evening. To give you a little background on Moody’s chops, his appearances have included “Jimmy Kimmel” and “Last Comic Standing.” With a talent that lies in self-deprecating, sarcastic and deadpan humor and a routine that consists of topics focusing on (amongst other things) the allure of women with raspy voices, complications in relationships and the joys of crossing time zones (which apparently he’s well-versed in), Moody’s humor is not only relatable but vigorously appealing. His punch lines are spot-on, straight and to the point, with hints of self-deprecation, yet a sort of lingering charm evolves through his delivery that gives him an air of waggish storyteller as well. To put it straight–he’s just damn funny.

Paul Morrissey, Green Mansions Golf Club, Photo by Dave BowerPaul Morrissey was headliner of the evening. Originally from Owego, New York and now based in L.A., Morrissey’s background is a little offbeat as to what you’d expect from a comic. He dabbled in sports casting before venturing into the world of stand up, a nugget he quite seamlessly infuses into his routine. He’s also managed to make a record four appearances on “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson” in the last year, considered quite an honor for that show. A biting, salacious humor relegates his style, one Morrissey sets off with skilled rapid-fire execution. This night was no exception, as Paul interrogated the crowd with observations on relationships and the town, while taking good-natured jabs at members of the audience. He’s funny, no doubt, but what’s most impressive about this guy is how quickly he moves from joke to joke, in a manner consisting of punchy off-the-cuff, spontaneous and fresh material. Kind of like a light you don’t want to flick off, because in this case, it’s just so entertaining.

Green Mansions’ next comedy night is Friday, March 4th, this time with comedians Jay Groves and Alvin Williams.

If you’re not familiar with Green Mansions, by the way, it’s a public 9-hole golf course located in Chestertown, (well actually it’s sort of on the edge of Warrensburg and Chestertown), and it’s owned and operated by Ron and Martha Walker, who are just as friendly and laid back as the vibe they present at the club. They host numerous events throughout the winter months, including comedy nights on Fridays and live bands on Saturdays. If you live in the immediate area, it’s not too far of a drive, especially if you’ve been cooped up in the house all winter, as many of us have. If you’re a bit out of the way, it’s definitely worth the trip. An added bonus: you can snowmobile to it. And should. We should mention as well that this is a big hot spot for snowmobilers, since many groomed trails run through the course. Food and drink are also served throughout the day, and a special mention goes out to their great list of beers on tap at only $5 a pop.

Future events also include live music from Rockology on Saturday, February 12th at 9pm, followed on Saturday, February 19th with an appearance by The Willie Playmore Band featuring Curt Cleveland at 9pm. For more information and for an updated list of events, visit their website or call them at 518-494-7222.

–This article was co-written by Dave Bower and Monica Sirignano, Publishers of The Free George.

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