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Human Sacrifice Comes to Glens Falls

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A Family Friendly Performance Piece in Crandall Park

Blood and Guts Galore in Ten Hour Marathon Art Installation

Production sketch for Human Sacrifice. This Friday, April 4, 2014, a unique performance piece will come to Glens Falls. Produced and directed by the internationally renowned performance artist known as Dhebrixz, the family friendly Human Sacrifice will be performed in the Crandall Park Band Shell, starting at 9pm.

Dhebrixz is known throughout the world for creating highly original, entertaining, yet, somewhat scandalous interactive performances. One example is the extremely popular The Castration of Humanity, a fifteen hour extravaganza, in which the audience is eventually drenched in a mixture of animal blood and organs.

Seeking to create something a bit unusual, Dhebrixz, originally from the Slovak Republic, has developed a following with his unorthodox approaches to multi-media theatrical presentations. Human Sacrifice is the latest in what he calls “a series of unexplained investigations into the darkness of the human soul, that teeters on the verge of musical comedy.”

“We will start Human Sacrifice at 9pm, creating an ominous and subtle mood at first,” said Dhebrixz, “that eventually coalesces and congeals into unbridled madness, which is what today’s audiences thrive upon. The piece is a sexually fulfilling experience, fusing elements of different sacramental rites, with much of the influence coming from various sources, such as Pasolini‘s Salo and the folk music of Burl Ives.”

Dhebrixz has recruited several students from area high schools, who have crucial roles to play, both as actors and as crew, during the course of the performance’s ten-hour length. Highlights will include the ritualistic slaughtering of a virgin, the beheading of a court jester and the torture of organic vegetables, in order to appease the gods.

As to why it runs for ten hours, Dhebrixz explained that the show has been drastically pared down form its original twelve hour length. “We had to remove some of the dreck, in order to make the piece more lively and family oriented. Yes, there will be some human dismemberment, but nothing all that offensive will take place, so it’s appropriate for children.”

“Originally we wanted to use Mowry Park in Greenwich, but they were doing construction, Dhebrixz added. “We then chose Glens Falls for its pastoral beauty, and the fact that Crandall Park was large enough to accommodate the overall scale of the piece. The added plus is that during the course of the performance, the audience will not be allowed to leave, as they will be surrounded by armed guards, therefore taking on more of a communal aspect.”

Human Sacrifice will also feature a unique score performed live by the Swedish artistic collective, Servants of the Loaf, who aren’t as well known in the US as they are overseas. They’ve released several albums, all out of print, yet their 4 record release, Sand (1992), is considered a masterpiece in some avant-garde circles. They also have a reputation for setting fire to their instruments and equipment after each performance, so tick around at the end of the show.

It should also be noted that the entirety of Human Sacrifice will be filmed; yet according to Dhebrixz, the footage and cameras will be destroyed immediately after the show. “I feel the need to spend thousands of dollars capturing every moment of my work on 35 millimeter film, with the ultimate goal of exposing the film to the elements afterwards, so that the experience must and can only be enjoyed in the moment.”

As to whether any of the actors or performers are actually disemboweled during the show, Dhebrixz was very reassuring: “Of course not. I’ve always felt a kinship with working with the public…why would I kill one of my actors, especially if we’re going on a nationwide tour?”

Human Sacrifice will be performed on Friday, April 4, 2014 at Crandall Park in Glens Falls. Dhebrixz has no website, and has instructed viewers and participants to show up 30 minutes prior to the show.

Chad Henning is a Contributor to The Free George.

The Free George is the online magazine and visitors’ guide of Upstate NY, covering things from Albany to Lake Placid, including Saratoga, the Lake George region and the Adirondacks. Check out our City Blogs section for our extended coverage areas as well.


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