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Kale vs. Cancer? How Cruciferous Vegetables can Save Your Life

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Kale vs. Cancer?

Cruciferous Vegetables and their Healing Properties

Curly Kale. Photo by RasbakI love kale and for good reason! Besides having plenty of fiber, folic acid, vitamins and minerals it has also been shown to reduce your risk of cancer. Yes, cancer!

Well the same is true for all cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, collard greens and mustard greens to name a few, kale just happens to be my favorite.

How do they do it? Cruciferous vegetables have been shown to reduce free radicals in the body. Free radicals are atoms that have an unpaired electron in their outer shell, making them highly reactive. As they move through the body they are looking for another electron to make them more stable, sometimes taking the electron from a molecule in your body that needs it. Reducing these free radicals may reduce lung, prostate, breast and other cancers.

These vegetables produce ITCs (isothiocyanates), which block carcinogens from being activated. ITCs are very protective against prostate and breast cancer.

They also contain the plant chemical indole-3-carbinaol which has been shown to modulate estrogen levels in the body. It also decreases estrogen’s ability to bind to breast tissue, thus making the body’s own estrogen less apt to cause cancer. So ladies make sure to eat your cruciferous veggies!

Make sure to have 2 servings of cruciferous vegetables a day. They’re easy to add these to your diet, don’t be afraid to experiment! Below is my favorite kale recipe. Enjoy!

Easy Kale:

1 bunch of kale
2 cloves of garlic (more if you like)
1 medium onion
1 tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil
Soy sauce

  1. Remove stems from kale and break into large pieces.
  2. Chop garlic and onions.
  3. Heat up oil in a pan and add garlic and onion. Sauté for a few minutes.
  4. Add kale and let cook for a few minutes, until it wilts. You may need to add the kale in parts as the kale wilts and makes room in the pan.
  5. Add a little soy right before it is finished. Be careful not to add too much.
  6. Enjoy.

Kerri Pagliarini-Dorman is a certified Holistic Health Coach living in NYC. She works with women all over the country to balance their hormones and improve their health by making diet and lifestyle changes. To learn more about her work please visit

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