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A Must See: Linda Morrell’s Together at The Photography Center in Troy, Review

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Review of Linda Morrell’s Together

Unconstrained by Time and Place: Linda Morrell at The Photography Center

Cohoes Mailbox (Linda Morrell, 2007). Photo Courtesy of Linda MorrellOn Friday, August 24, I made my way to Troy, NY, to view Linda Morrell’s exhibit, Together, at the Photography Center of the Capital District. As I entered the Center, I was graciously welcomed by the owner and executive director, Nicholas S. Argyros, who described Morrell’s photography as something meant to be examined and puzzled by. While I’ve never considered myself an art critic, I was anxious to see if Morrell’s photography would live up to such a description.

According to the Photography Center, “Linda Morrell utilizes selected photographs as elements rather than singular compositions in order to build images that are unconstrained by time and place. The resulting images and composites become more powerful than their individual parts, inviting us to contemplate the relationship between the photographs.”

I was immediately drawn to a 24” x 108” panel of photography titled “Bounded.” While a typical photograph has only one direction, “Bounded”, a series of vibrant and colorful buildings and back alleys had multiple focal points leading my eyes in every direction. Morrell later explained her inspiration for “Bounded.”

“I really like to build and construct images out of other images,” explains Morrell, “because I’m not constrained by time or place. When I shot these photographs, I knew I would eventually piece them together and I did, one by one, as if they were a single stream of thought.”

I was fooled by many of Morrell’s photographs. At first glance, I couldn’t identify “The Gathering,” until I moved forward and found myself staring at water bubbles formed around a rock. Another mysterious photograph turned out to be an enlarged image of a calla lily.

The Buffalo Farm (Linda Morrell, 2009). Photo Courtesy of Linda MorrellMy favorite series of photographs, “Dining Room,” “Cohoes Mailbox,” “The Buffalo Farm,” and “Junkyard,” were 18” x 24” full rounded fisheye photographs. While a normal fisheye lens creates a photograph that appears to be a circle, like a fisheye, Morrell’s fisheye photographs blended together multiple images, colors, and textures that break the border of traditional fisheye photographs.

“These images are actually called ‘Inside Out’” adds Morrell. “I shot them with a film camera, 7.5-millimeter lens, and later scanned in the negative. At first, it was just a black background with a circular image. Then I started pulling out elements to blend and manipulate into the backspace.”

A native of upstate New York, Morrell has been involved with photography for over twenty-five years; she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Art Education from Rhode Island School of Design, and her Master of Fine Arts in Photography from George Washington University. Morrell is currently the Program Coordinator for Photography at the Visual Arts Department at The Sage Colleges and teaches traditional, digital and alternative applications.

“My initial infatuation and continued love for the medium stems from its unique ability to represent the qualities of light and form” adds Morrell. “Photography’s unique characteristic, unlike any medium that came before, serves as an extension of our vision to record human experiences.”

“Ultimately I want the audience to connect in their own way with my photographic imagery. Their response is, as for all artists, a completion of the cycle.”

The Photography Center of the Capital District is located at 404 River Street, Troy NY 12180. The Together series will run until September 30, 2012. This event is free and open to the public. For more information visit The Photography Center of the Capital District online or call 518-273-0100. To see more of Linda Morrell’s photography, click here.

Brenna Filipello is a Contributor to The Free George. Photos Courtesy of Linda Morrell.

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