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Ten Ways to Make a Lover: The Love List at the LGDT, Review

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A Quirky and Kinetic Comedy about Love

The Love List at The Lake George Dinner Theatre, Review

Bill Saunders, Rachel Cornish and Jarel Davidow in The Love List at The Lake George Dinner TheatreWhat if you could create the perfect woman? Seriously, what if you could write down all the qualities you seek in a woman and then just have her appear?

That’s exactly what happens in Norm Foster’s The Love List, a witty and highly engaging production currently running at The Lake George Dinner Theatre through October 20th.

The plot goes like this: Bill (Jarel Davidow) is an Everyman type of guy, a reclusive statistician, comfortable living alone after a somewhat painful divorce from his wife. The play opens on Bill’s 50th birthday; his best friend, Leon (Bill Saunders), a washed-up novelist with a habit of seducing female admirers, is determined to get Bill out of his slump.

With Bill’s best interest at heart, Leon presents him with the gift of a lifetime—the chance to meet the woman of his dreams. They just need to write down the top 10 qualities they want her to have, and then Leon will give the list to a gypsy woman, and she’ll find Bill his dream girl. Ah…but what exactly are dreams made of?

Yep—that’s where everything gets a little harried.

Without giving too much away, Leon heads home after they have a few good laughs, and Bill nods off for the night, only to be awoken by a mysterious knocking at the door. Enter Justine (Rachel Cornish), who will forever alter Bill’s life. As his ‘dream woman’, Justine features all the attributes compiled in the list—just what Bill was looking for. Or is she? The plot thickens when we find out Leon never actually gave the gypsy the list, and the audience is left wondering, where exactly did this dream woman come from?

All three actors deserve kudos for their kinetic comic timing and superb performances. Cornish does an excellent job of pivoting through some very rapid personality transformations—without losing a beat, she moves from boisterous to demure, raunchy to refined, certifiable to romantic, manipulative to insecure—at times, appearing like the perfect poster child for a lifetime supply of Prozac.

Davidow is incredibly believable as the lovably shlubby Bill (a part he actually honed in an earlier NYC production of the play), journeying through, from extreme rapture to severe terror, reacting to Justine’s continual changes. “It’s like Westworld, and she’s Yul Brynner,” he pipes out during one of her particularly unstable moments.

Rachel Cornish and Jarel Davidow in The Love List at The Lake George Dinner TheatreSaunders as Leon, turns in a terrific performance full of witty one-liners, showing a mixture of genuine concern for his friend and increasing jealously, as Leon’s own marriage disintegrates through the course of the show.

In fact, it’s the interplay between the three actors that gives The Love List its oomph. Though the play delves into questions about life and purpose, it does so in an incredibly funny way. Avoiding the crusty or moralistic traps it could easily fall prey to, The Love List instead remains fresh and lively, with equal parts farce and controlled humor. Director Terry Rabine does a great job of keeping the play grounded through his tight and smart direction. And the range of emotions the three actors display give the play an air of fresh authenticity.

So if you’re longing for a charming romantic fantasy that’s full of fun twists and turns, The Love List won’t disappoint. Not only will you be laughing the whole night through, but you’ll have a happy full belly to go along with it.

The Love List runs through October 20th at The Lake George Dinner Theatre, located at the Holiday Inn Resort in Lake George. Dinner performances are scheduled for every Wednesday through Saturday and matinee luncheon performances every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and select Saturdays. Tickets for The Love List are available online at or by calling the LGDT box office at 518-668-5762 extension 411.

And if you really want to laugh, check out our interview with the cast of The Love List.

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