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A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Warrensburg: Maple Tree Books

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Maple Tree Books
3812 Main Street
Warrensburg, NY  12885

Maple Tree BooksNestled along Main Street in downtown Warrensburg is a little gem of a used bookstore called Maple Tree Books. It stands somewhat unobtrusively back from the town’s main street, in an old white house, with a screen door, a porch that’s stacked with boxes, and a large sign on its front lawn that portrays it primarily as being a children’s bookseller. But primarily is far from the truth here, as you’ll soon find out, when you step inside, for aligning Maple Tree’s bookshelves is every type of literature, from history to film to fiction to non-fiction to sci-fi to strange and quirky books that I can pretty much guess you’ve never even heard of, nor had I.

I lived in New York City for almost fifteen years, where used bookstores amassed the city streets almost as frequently and fervently as Gap stores. When we moved here a year ago, I can honestly say that I missed little about the city; its used bookstores, however, were the exception. And it was by happenstance one day that I came upon Maple Tree Books in Warrensburg, but with purpose that I’ve been returning ever since.

And although I do appreciate the various shapes and sizes that all bookstores come in, there’s something uniquely special to me about the used ones. Perhaps it’s in the intimacy behind their doors, or the mystery that’s contained within their books’ pages. Or maybe I find comfort in their imperfect bindings, their crinkled and slightly yellowed pages, their older, and to me, much more interesting covers. I’ve always been a bit of a romantic, and I guess I find there’s something utterly romantic about a book that’s been passed down generation to generation—almost as if the past owners’ stories have passed along with it as well.

Yet, there’s another factor here, and that is, quite simply put, I love a good bargain. I can’t, and probably never will, understand paying $15 for something I know I can get for $5 elsewhere. At a used bookstore, you get the exact same material, with a much cooler cover, at a fraction of the price. And Maple Tree Books is no exception when it comes to good deals or good finds.

Up until now, Maple Tree Books has remained a hidden gem in the heart of Warren County. Yet here you’ll find a treasure chest of literature, coupled with a comfy “grandma’s attic” feel. Yes, this is one little hideaway that deserves your attention, and it comes with an extra plus of a very congenial and knowledgeable owner, Tom Duffy. So the next time you’re in Warrensburg, stop by. Though you may want to call ahead of time to check their hours, as they do vary. Maple Tree Books doesn’t currently have a website, but you can reach them at 518-623-2894.

–Monica Sirignano is Co-Publisher of The Free George.

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