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President Obama Wins Second Term: Results from National and Local Races

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President Obama Re-Elected in Tight Race Against Romney

National and Local Election Results

President Barack Obama. Official White House photo by Pete SouzaIn a heated campaign that lasted almost two years and a cost somewhere in the neighborhood of several billion dollars, President Barack Obama successfully won a second term as President against Republican challenger Willard Romney. A race that became incredibly tight by election day, Obama won 50% of the popular vote and 303 Electoral Votes (as of this writing Florida is the only state that hasn’t been called, yet Obama has a significant lead). In fact, many thought the race would be so close that it would be a repeat of the 2000 election and take days before the result was known.

While this year’s race veered greatly into a traditionally negative vibe, it will probably go down as the nastiest one in history. Despite an economy slowly on the rise and high unemployment rates, voters decided to stick with President Obama rather than side with Romney’s vision. In fact, Romney kept many in the dark about what he would actually do as President; many questioned his tax plan, his confusing foreign policy ideas, and his claim that he could create 12 million jobs in his first year. Romney’s controversial business background and his continual switching of positions on the major issues were also seen as a detriment to his campaign…he just couldn’t seem to make up his mind at times, switching his tone as a moderate one minute, then a conservative the next; he came across as a rude, obnoxious and entitled brat who felt that he should just be handed the presidency. In the end, Romney’s most dignified moment throughout the campaign was his concession speech, where he congratulated the President and hoped that there would be an end to partisan bickering so that the country could come together…but even that sounded forced and somewhat fake.

Here’s a breakdown of how the candidates fared in our immediate area:

Albany County: Obama 64.4%, Romney 33.5%

Essex County: Obama 58.6%, Romney 39.8%

Rensselaer County: Obama 54.8%, Romney 43.0%

Saratoga County: Obama 50.1%, Romney 48.0%

Schenectady County: Obama 56.4%, Romney 41.5%

Warren County: Obama 50.0%, Romney 47.9%

Washington County: Obama 49.9%, Romney 48.1%

Nationally, Third Party Candidates Gary Johnson (L) won 0.93%, Jill Stein (G) had 0.32% and Roseanne Barr of the Peace and Freedom Party had 0.04% of the vote, respectively.

US Senate Races

In the US Senate, Democrats managed to hold their majority and several women made strides, bringing a new perspective in several heavily contested races. In New York, Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand defeated Republican challenger Wendy Long by a wide margin of 72%-26.5%. Elizabeth Warren defeated Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown in a race for Ted Kennedy‘s long held seat that was downright nasty at times. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill won a victory over Republican Todd Akin, who made controversial comments about rape during the campaign. In fact, rape comments by Republican Richard Mourdock also helped coast Democrat Joe Donnelley to victory in the Indiana Senate Race. Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders easily won in his race against Republican John McGovern.

US Congressional Races

Republicans managed to keep control of the US House of Representatives with a majority of 233 seats. New York’s Bill Owens defeated Republican businessman Matt Doheny in the 21st Congressional District. Congressman Chris Gibson (R) defeated Kingston Attorney Julian Schriebman (D) in the newly created 19th District, while Paul Tonko (D) easily won another term against Bob Dieterich (R) in District 20. In Florida, Congressman Allen West, who brought back such fond memories of Joe McCarthy lost his re-election bid against Democrat Patrick Murphy. Minnesota Congresswoman (and one time Presidential candidate) Michelle Bachmann won a highly contested race against Democrat Jim Graves, by a margin of roughly 3,000 votes. And in Illinois, Democrat and Iraq War Veteran Tammy Duckworth won her race against Republican Joe Walsh (not the guitarist from The Eagles). It should also be noted that Congressman Paul Ryan, who was Romney’s running mate, was at least successful in retaining his seat in Wisconsin against Democratic challengers Rob Zerman and Libertarian Keith Deschler.

History was also made in Hawaii as Mazie Hirono became the first Japanese born immigrant to be elected to the US Senate after defeating former Governor Linda Lingle. Tammy Baldwin became the first woman elected to the Senate in Wisconsin as well as the first openly gay Senator after defeating former Governor Tommy Thompson in a race that was downright nasty at times.

Upstate New York Senate and Assembly Races

In the New York State Assembly, the race is too close to call against Republican Assembly member Tony Jordan and Democratic challenger Carrie Woerner in the 113th District. Jordan leads with a count of roughly 2,800 votes. Absentee ballots still have to be counted, which will take place within the next week. Phil Steck (D) defeated Jennifer Whalen (R) in the 110th District race and Republican Dan Stec appears to have won against Democrat Dennis Tarantino for retiring Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward‘s seat in the 114th District.

In the New York State Senate Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione (R) handily defeated Claverack Supervisor Robin Andrews (D) in a race for Roy McDonald‘s seat in the 43rd District.  Also, Republican incumbent Betty Little ran unopposed for the 45th District Senate seat, which includes Clinton, Essex, Franklin and Warren counties.

Dave Bower is Co-Publisher of The Free George. Official White House photo by Pete Souza

The Free George is the online magazine and visitors’ guide of Upstate NY, covering things from Albany to Lake Placid, including Saratoga, the Lake George region and the Adirondacks. Check out our City Blogs section for our extended coverage areas as well.

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