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Where To Turn The Dial… The Spirit of Radio in VT (Burlington Blog)

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Where To Turn The Dial… (Burlington Blog)

Variety on Burlington’s Top Radio Stations

Where To Turn The Dial… Burlington RadioThe winter is the season that I find myself most grateful for those sunny, clear days that invite a long drive with shades on and music blaring. Usually it’s a drive to the mountain, but no matter what, every time I take a drive with the snow reflecting through my windshield I’m listening to the radio. In an age where old media is struggling to get by, it’s a small comfort to turn the dial on my FM radio to some of the region’s best on-air entertainment. The most widespread stations in the Queen City area include Star 92.9 and 95.5 Triple X. Playing a mix of chart toppers makes these stations the most reliable for the times I find myself alone in the car ready to bust out some of my own record breaking vocal skills. Burlington is also home to one of the best college radio stations, WRUV 90.1, which offers a fresh and edgy collection of tunes on the FM dial.

Starting with a classic, Star 92.9 is a station that offers easy listening for the whole family. They advertise music from “the 90s til now!” So while you are likely to hear some Hootie and the Blowfish along with angsty Alanis Morrisette singles, you will also be exposed to recently released hits from stars of today like Adele and longstanding favorites like Tom Petty. A classic part of the community is bound to have traditions which is why I smile when 92.9 starts playing Christmas music at least a month before the holiday. Well that’s not it, they only play Christmas for the weeks leading up to the big day, if that’s not some sort of dedication to spreading holiday cheer than I don’t know what else is. And on the after dinner drives when I tune the dial to my preset number two I am always happy to hear Delilah’s nighttime program. The sappy dedications and heartfelt messages still tend to strike an emotional chord in my soul. Alas, the cyber world does take over, check out this station at where you can stream live and check out everything the radio has to offer!

When I first moved to Burlington from my hometown in central Vermont one of the most thrilling things was tuning into 95.5 Triple X. Though that excitement quickly wore off, I still tune into this station when I just want to listen to some loud and rowdy music. Whether it’s my daily dose of Lady Gaga or the guilty pleasure of a new Justin Bieber tune, when my preset number three is blaring I’m sure to be singing along. The station focuses on Top 40 hits on the pop charts so the hip-hop flavor is strong and the dance beats even heavier. The Triple X DJs are always giving something away or spewing out mindless trivia, but it’s worth the wait when you need to get pumped up, say for a day on the mountain. Stay on trend and tune in at for some booty shaking, fist pumping music.

The ultimate feel good station in the Burlington is 90.1 WRUV. With the catchy phrase “your better alternative”, you won’t find the chart toppers here. WRUV is the volunteer run college radio station out of the basement in the Davis Center at the University of Vermont. DJs play genres classified as easy indie, dancehall, eclectic rock and electronica. The quintessential “anything goes” radio station, WRUV dates its own debut broadcast back to 1955 and joined the strictly FM broadcast stream in the 1970s. The WRUV website features stellar reviews on albums and artists alongside a live playlist and streaming options. Visit to check it out and be sure to tune your FM dial to 90.1 next time you find yourself cruising in Vermont’s Queen City.

A final shout out to all the folks at Wikipedia and elsewhere fighting anti-piracy legislation, keeping our media free and uncensored for the public! Continue to support local and dream big.

Chrissy Lefavour is a Contributor to The Free George.

The Free George is the online magazine and visitors’ guide of Upstate NY, covering things from Albany to Lake Placid, including Saratoga, the Lake George region and the Adirondacks. Check out our City Blogs section for our extended coverage areas as well.


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