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Crafts: Back to School Scrapbooking

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Back to School Scrapbooking

Crafty Ways to Preserve Your Memories

School DaysSeptember means back to school–a time to capture your child at the start of their school year. How about creating a back to school layout for prosperity? It’s really very easy.

If you have a lot of photos, and don’t know what to use, narrow it down to one or two. For the layout on the left, one photo was used. A background paper was also chosen to enhance the photo. Because the photo in this layout contained a lot of green with its various grass & trees, I used additional green papers to make the photo pop more. That’s something you’ll want to keep in mind–choosing background papers that can make the photo stand out on the page.

Once the background paper and layered papers were selected, you can then choose a “frame” for the photo. We used a white paper frame made from 65lb. cardstock. The frame was made by hand, but you can also buy them from your local craft store. Just be sure again to choose a frame that compliments the photo. If your photo is busy, use a simpler frame. If your photo is very plain, without much color, you may want to use a frame that has more color and pazzaz.

The bulk of the work is now done. Now the fun begins! Choosing embellishments and paper die cuts are always fun when creating a layout. Choose embellishments and die cuts to enhance your page. Embellishments and die cuts are used to get a response of WOW. When most people look at a page in a scrapbook, it’s not always the photo that gets theirre attention as much as what is used on the page to get a response.

Since this photo is showing the first day of school, embellishments were chosen to represent the day. A yellow school bus embellishment, along with a school days embellishment was chosen. To add a bit more color, three brown star paper die cuts were created, along with white circles to place the notebook and knapsack embellishments on to make these ordinary items pop on the page.

The bottom line is, you want to create a scrapbook layout that has a cohesive look. Fun background papers, frames, and embellishments and die cuts to help depict the story you are trying to tell. More importantly, have fun with your pages.

Materials used:

One 12 x 12 Background Paper
One 5 x 7 Mint Green Rectangle Paper
One 5 x 7 Lime Green Rectangle Paper
One 4-inch White Paper Frame
Three 1-½-inch Brown Stars
One 1-½-inch White Circle
One 1-¼-inch White Circle
One Yellow Bus Embellishment
One Red Knapsack Embellishment
One Blue Notebook Embellishment
One School Days Embellishment
1 ½ inch Wording “First Day”

–Heather Pilmar is the owner of Scrapping Your Way based in New York City. Contact Scrapping Your Way for custom-made scrapbooks, handmade cards, and die cut kits. Please visit for more information.

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