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Sushi Thai Garden in Saratoga, Review

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Review of Sushi Thai Garden in Saratoga

Sushi Thai Garden: A Pleasant Mix of Thai and Japanese Cuisine

Sushi Thai Garden, SaratogaLocated in the heart of Saratoga on historic Phila Street (across from Hattie’s and Caffè Lena), Sushi Thai Garden is a happening place on a happening street. On a Wednesday night at 7:30pm, the place was busy, but on any given night, weekdays included, there are people filling the booths, tables and seats at the sushi bar. My boyfriend and I were seated at our usual corner table by the window, although there’s really no bad spot in the place. For a quaint dining area, even when it’s at full capacity, the atmosphere remains pleasant and never too loud.

While Sushi Thai’s fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisine is modern, its decor doesn’t necessarily reflect its contemporary fare. People have complained that it can use some sprucing up, but I don’t mind. Next door is Phila Fusion: if you require your sushi to be served amongst polished black and red surfaces and clean lined-architecture, by all means, start there. Sushi Thai is definitely no-frills and fits the typical decor of other Japanese restaurants with paintings of waterlilies, scrolled art with traditional Japanese prints and orchids at each table, but it’s clean, the servers are attentive and the food constantly delicious – all three trump a little outdatedness in my book.

In anticipation of dinner I ate a small lunch, so by the time we were seated I was fully prepared to stuff myself with curry, seafood and sake galore.

Sushi Thai GardenAlthough Sushi Thai’s menu is extensive, from its appetizers all the way to its desserts, we opted to split entrees – Green Curry (with chicken and jasmine rice, $14.95) and sushi rolls: Spicy Tuna, Tanzana, Boston and Crazy (prices vary but are around $4.95-$6.95 for each standard [8] rolls). To wash it all down we each got a Sapporo (Japanese beer, $4.50) and a small porcelain carafe of Sake ($7).

Green curry is the most popular of all the curries. Its name derives from its color and like all of the Thai curries, it’s prepared with coconut milk, as well as green curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil leaves and numerous other spices. I prefer the Green curry because it’s spicier than its curry counterparts, but I also love and would recommend their Massaman (its own flavor of curry with onions, carrots, potatoes and peanuts) or Panaeng (snow peas, green peas, carrots, bell peppers and basil) curries.

When it comes to sushi, you can order it a number of ways: as Sashimi–raw fish served chilled, sliced and sans rice; as Temaki–hand-rolled cones of sushi rice and/or veggies in seaweed; or my favorite Makimono–the rice, fish, veggie and seaweed roll. Sushi Thai’s menu includes all three as well as sushi appetizers, and 70+ roll options as well as a “create your own” option.

The Spicy Tuna Roll is one of the restaurant’s most popular, and includes tuna, scallions and sesame seeds with a spicy sauce; it’s a little bite of heaven.

Sushi Thai GardenThe Tanzana Roll, another must-try, consists of yellowtail, avocado, asparagus, scallions and masago. Masago, if you’re not familiar, is the processed roe (eggs) of the capelin, a small Icelandic fish, but is a common sushi ingredient. The avocado and asparagus complement the yellowtail perfectly – the creaminess of the avocado paired with the crunch of the asparagus make the Tanzana Roll one of my favorites. Of course, the freshness of the fish is vital to a great roll, but, sometimes the vegetables in the roll can be just as important. If the avocado or asparagus is too mushy it can skew the taste.

Other roles you’ll want to try here are the Boston Roll, consisting of shrimp, avocado, cucumber, lettuce and mayo (it’s my boyfriend’s favorite) and the Crazy Roll, which some have called me crazy for eating, but I’ve never regretted. Sushi Thai’s version consists of eel, salmon skin, avocado, asparagus, sesame seeds and masago.

With two days worth of Green Curry leftovers in tow, and no room for dessert (although I’ve always had my eye on their coconut and green tea ice creams), I’ve since decided that I need to come back and indulge in only appetizers and desserts. Sushi Thai’s menu is fairly all-encompassing of both cultures’ dishes and specialties – their online pdf version is 18 pages long! Pop in and check it out for yourself or browse the pages online before you go, so you at least have a few pages and items narrowed down. The ingredients are the freshest imaginable, the servers always have a smile on their face and the food is prepared fast. You definitely won’t leave hungry and I’ve always left happy.

Visit for more info and their full menu.

Aubree Cutkomp is an Assistant Editor for The Free George.

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