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New Pizza Comes to Clifton Park: Top My Pizza, Review

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Top My Pizza in Clifton Park, Review

A New Pizza Place Opens in Clifton Park

Top My Pizza in Clifton Park. Photo by Kate SmithOut of the construction directly beside Moe’s Southwest Grill in Clifton Park, a new restaurant recently emerged: Top My Pizza. And while yet another pizza place isn’t quite what CP needs, this place is just a bit different from Pizza Hut, Venezia, Caputo’s, and Veneto’s. The appeal comes from the assembly-line setup; like Moe’s and Subway, you can watch your food being made. While the novelty of the idea might wear off with time, it certainly is worth a try. The place is inviting, with almost playful lettering: “NOW OPEN!” and “WE CATER!” in bold flags edging the building.

The interior of TMP is regrettably similar to a school cafeteria, with smaller tables. After ordering food from the line, I found myself looking for the best location to sit. It was colorful enough with green and orange, but there was a lot of open space. Three televisions are spaced around the room, tuned in to sports, news, and kids’ shows, and there’s familiar alternative rock music playing lightly. The walls are windowed almost 180 degrees around the cafeteria, and could use some curtains, especially in the wintertime. My ideal scenery is not 5 Guys, the rear of Panera, some lifeless trees, and a transformer. There is, however, a nice patio that I assume will be used in the warmer months.

The cashier brought my $8.55 plate—a 9” personal size pizza with extra mozzarella cheese, cheddar, and pepperoni—to my table and asked if I needed anything else. She remained very attentive, tidying the room and bussing dishes periodically. The food presentation was simple but neat, and very appealing. My pizza was brightly colored and seemed mouthwateringly fresh even before the first bite. The thin whole-wheat crust was crispy but evenly-cooked. The original TMP pizza sauce was full of flavor, and three-fourths of the pizza was enough to satisfy me.

Top My Pizza in Clifton Park. Photo by Kate SmithThe cons of the restaurant are few: thick crust-lovers are out of luck here, and the staff seems a bit on edge and unpracticed. The restaurant has borrowed managers and shift leaders from Moe’s, though, so soon the new cashiers will be fully trained and at ease. There’s always someone there who’s able to answer any questions and make suggestions. And as far as the crust goes—it’s only one thing on the pizza that can’t be altered. The other customizable options at TMP are overwhelming! Toppings—including 12 sauces and nine cheeses—range from the ordinary pepperoni, onions and sausage to the bizarre: scallions, chopped clams, breaded eggplant, and pineapple. These can be put on traditional or whole wheat dough in diameters of 6”, 9”, 12”, and 16”. There’s even a selection of signature pizzas for easy ordering. On the flip side of the menu are featured non-pizza options: subs, salads, wings, and spuds, with no shortage of variety there either.

If you’re in Clifton Park and you want something relatively quick, relatively cheap, from a fresh, clean establishment, this is your pizza joint. It’s nothing fancy, but in my experience, it doesn’t disappoint. What I got was a delightful, filling pizza for less than $9, in less than 15 minutes. It’s the perfect new option for a Clifton Park lunch in the plaza when you get tired of the same old fare.

Kate Smith is an Assistant Editor for The Free George. Photos by Kate Smith.

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