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Notes from a Vlogging Addict

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VloggingAs a blogger, I spend a good deal of time sharing my thoughts and life with people on the Internet. With all of this conceit and self-aggrandizement bursting out of my every pore, it would stand to reason that I really love the sound of my own voice. Ever the disappointment, however, I prefer to listen to others. It takes a lot of one thing or another to really get me talking, and I’m not known for giving rallying speeches when I do. I’m at my happiest when everyone around me is having a lively back-and-forth or telling a story, and don’t mind if I simply sit back and soak it up. The Internet understands my audio-visual voyeurism and offers ample indulgence.

Vlogging, ladies and gents. It’s a commonplace enough phenomenon now to have online parodies about it, so we all know that it has truly arrived. No longer will historians look through dusty bundles of boring letters for clues to how people really lived. Instead, they will be able to get the stories from the source. It will change everything.

Let’s not be over-dramatic. At the end of the day, vlogs are just people talking.

About make-up.

About the Super Bowl (sort of).

Even fictional characters do it.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Most people like to listen (almost) as much as they like to talk. Vlogs are a one-sided conversation with a friendly face. Here are a few I really enjoy.

A college-age young lady with a few nerdy tendencies? Please feed my self-image in a more amusing way, like a webcamming Liz Lemon. She is really just a funny girl who one can listen to for hours like an old buddy. Plus, her several personas never fail to bring her watchers a smile after a long day.

Nick Orsini
He doesn’t exclusively vlog, but he does use the medium to reach a readership and offer his own sound to his words. As friendly faces go, Mr. Orsini can’t be beat, even with a battlescar or two. At the end of every video, you want to give the guy a solid clap on the back to show your appreciation.

The Interview Project
Given, this is not exactly vlogging and it ended several months ago, but David Lynch’s interview series is a fantastic way to spend a few hours. It is simply one hundred and twenty-one people talking about spirituality, cars, clogging—whatever they want. For someone who likes to listen, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Having criss-crossed the US, the next leg of the Interview Project will take on Germany come March.

–Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson is a Contributor to The Free George.

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